Assignment 3 Part 1

  • For my first idea, it is actually something I was thinking of pitching for my part-time job at Red Bull, which  would be to create a freshmen care package for the incoming NTU freshmen. As of now they have a moving-in package for those staying in halls but not across the faculties. I am proposing to make a small booklet of about 4 pages (not including the cover and the backing), of how an NTU student can survive university with Red Bull, and how student committees can readily engage the Student Brand Managers in the school.
  • For my next idea, I proposing to create a comic book that allows the reader to choose the next part of the story. For example, the reader will follow one character in the story and when the character comes to a crossroad, they will decide whether the character will choose A or B, therefore progressing the story in a different manner.
  • Thirdly, I propose to make a survival game with a 2D interface. Most survival games are 3D based, such as Day Z, and Left4Dead. Instead of making them a player versus player based game, I intend to make it a narratively driven game.
  • For my fourth idea, I propose to make an installation piece based on games. Game invoke different emotions to different players based not only on the genre but on the difficulty. I propose to make an installation piece that can detect a person’s face and it will display a series of videos of player’s faces during phases of a game that relate to the expression. Such as if you frown, it will display players who are facing a difficult part of a game and tend to be frustrated. Or when you smile, it will display players that are feeling a sense of accomplishment or joy in a game, such as their reactions when they defeat a difficult enemy or when they complete the game.

Project Pitch


A riddle based escape game where the player must find clues to exit the room before the time runs out. As the time lessens, the room gets darker until it get pitch black. If they player is able to finish the riddle a door to another room will open and the player must continue to solve another riddle. If the player fails and the room goes completely dark, another door will open into a maze where the player must find their way out and into another room before a “beast” catches them.


A 2D top down isometric action RPG with hand-drawn sprites. It will be a rogue-like, meaning players have to start from the beginning once they die. But this time it will follow a narrative with 3 acts similar to that of the 3 act structure or the hero’s journey. Maybe I’ll call it “Mono-myth”.