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Project 02: Final Proposal

Title of Project Chinese Etymology

What is Chinese Etymology? Chinese Etymology is the study of the components making up a Chinese Character, which component gives it a sound and which gives it its meaning. It looks into the pictograph of the Chinese Character which is the archaic way of writing the letter.

What is the project about? Through the use of Chinese Etymology and the study of culture neutral pictographs, launch a design solution to cause Singapore Students to embrace the language and identify with it. 

Why is this project important? Chinese is a declining language in Singapore even though it is most Chinese Students’ Mother Tongue. The Speak Mandarin Campaign is the longest running campaign in Singapore—which shows how important this language is to the government.

Why is this project interesting? Chinese Etymology is not commonly recognized in teaching Chinese to students. Not only children, but adults too are unfamiliar with Chinese Etymology. It will be an entirely new way of teaching Chinese to Children.

Keywords: Language Education, Experiential Design, Culture-Neutral Pictograms


  1. Knowledge through Information
  2. Interest: through something that aids children to learn + using something children enjoy

Possible Outcomes: Exhibition involving activities to help Children learn in a fun and engaging way

Location: Asian Civilizations Museum 

Deliverable for VC4: Poster Design Showing the details of the exhibition and illustration which is used to attract attention of the kids but at the same time helps to bridge the gap using the culture-neutral illustration. The catch-phrase also creates a sense of curiosity to know what the meaning of the character is.

Moving Forward: Decide on a context so that the children will be able to process the information faster and more effectively.