2nd experimental painting

When the models were set up for the paintings, the way that the male model was positioned and looking at the female model made me feel that the painting should be about the Woman. I wanted to make the center of attention her face and focus on how her body posture was relaxed and untensed at the gaze of a male. As I started to paint, I found myself wanting to use strong reds on the Woman to bring attention to her and use a silhouette to represent the male. And also adding pomegranates and tulips to symbolize femininity in this painting. I wanted to use smooth brush strokes to bring out the details in the drapery and even the textures on the skin because I felt like rough or violent strokes were not necessary. The smooth strokes helped to mimic a bit of renaissance paintings, just done without high contrast and more colors. In general, this work gives full attention to the woman, with the three main subject matters all in red to bring out the commonality within the subjects and further emphasize on the femininity in this work.

1 thought on “2nd experimental painting

  1. Joan Marie Kelly

    It’s so good to see you put in eh extra work into this painting. The first one has more flat areas this is more about form. The 1st one has a dynamic composition with more tension but this one is working well with our eye moving around the painting. He and the vase are this vertical then she is the diagonal. I like the added detail around the pomegranates.-the diagonal gray rt angle. You should keep painting and come next year into the class to do more portraits.

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