Object Still Life

The object I chose from my childhood is a book, placed on bed sheets and a cup of tea not far from it. Growing up, I was a bookworm. The first series I got really hooked onto was the Harry Potter Series. I moved on quickly to other novels but of all, my favorite genre was fantasy. By age 16, I read a new book every 3 days and after the end of my national examination, I busted my eyesight reading so much over the holidays. It was always me and these novels and especially at night, where the world was quiet and everyone was asleep.

1 thought on “Object Still Life

  1. Joan Marie Kelly

    Ashley a photo of the painting straight up is best for me to look at it. besides painting your object I think you capture the isolating, almost secret live you are enjoying in your book world. I think it’s the light that does it and the folds of the bed sheets there is an intimate feeling. good! find the object, think of the feeling you are trying to project then ways to get there through light color line…

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