in Pandora Revisited

Project 001 : Pandora Revisited

Started the sem off by revisiting sem one project, “Pandora”. Although it’s called “Pandora Revisited”, I feel like it is more like the MA as we need to create modules. The chosen words are twist, bend, interlock.

Twist: form into a bent, curling, or distorted shape.
Bend: shape or force (something straight) into a curve or angle.
Interlock: (of two or more things) engage with each other by overlapping or by the fitting together of projections and recesses.

I proceed on to do moulding out the clay. At first, I got the wrong idea as I thought is moulding each word into a different model and combining them into one model, forming D, SD, SO. However, it’s wrong:( Here is the attempt:

After consulting, I got a clearer idea of how it should be. Thus I somehow divide the model into 3 parts and acting the word out for each individual parts.

I didn’t stop myself from experimenting thus ended up with some many models. However, I pick out 2 and combine it with my final module.

#001 Model 1

I got inspiration from the Korean letter as it is more toward the box and angular. I started off with a long rectangle then I just cut and replace the box to another position, forming them into different axis. 

#002 Model 2

Using just a rectangle and twist it like how we always hand wash clothes, the squeezing of ‘water’. 

#003 Final 

A combination of the previous two model. Incorporate all the word, bending it up or to side, twisting one of the part and interlocking when modules come together.

#001/2/3 Isometric Drawing

#004 Plaster Making

Coating layers and layers, after 10 coats I realised thin coat doesn’t work, thus I just spam a lot and a lot. 

#005 Silcon > Ice Tray 

Putting a wall around it. 


After removing the plaster from the silicon, it died….

Try and error for the ice tray, it didn’t succeed well as the silicon is being pulled out. Thus I have try more and more time. 

Isometric Drawing of ice cube:

  1. Clear and Meticulous process documentation as well as Fantastic job with the ice-making Jingyi! Wow 16 modules! 🙂 Very clever use of the Isometric graph paper too! Do tell the class where you sourced it! It helps ALOT when doing the isometric drawings does it not? Do try to think about line-weight though when doing your drawings ( thicker/ bolder lines for what appears nearer ) so that we can get a better sense of depth when looking at the isometric drawings for your final ice-tray. Thanks. 🙂