Project 3: Get Well Card {a thousand well wishes!}

What would someone being released from the hospital like to see? Apparently, something that isn’t extravagant, because they’ve got a hospital bill to pay. So the goal of this project is budget-consciousness! Even so, it’s important that the card conveys the hospital’s wishes for the patient’s recovery. I’d also like for the card to be packed full of well wishes and energy and celebration over their imminent recovery.

For the element of surprise, the least animated symbol i.e. the wishing well (pun intended?) was placed outside the card. With rainbow stairs leading up to it. The gatefold was chosen because it is simple (and cheaper #budget) and ties it well with the graphics inside. Once opened, the animals spring forth a surprise for the person who opens the card. And yes, all the animals (and the wishing well) are symbols of well wishes in various cultures. They welcome and celebrate the patient’s recovery, and the balloons help to add to a festive mood. I hope that the card, with its colours and characters bursting with energy will invigorate and refresh the reader, as well as convey the hospital’s care for them. And so, the space on the sides of the card are for staff to write their personal messages for the patient.

So well, here’s the final:




the print actually came out a lot brighter than I thought (the colours on my screen are not as strong). As such, it was a good choice to choose the slightly yellow paper :> the texture was really nice too, because it adds to the more personal and “made-by-hand” vibe.


card card2

view the process here~

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