A Line: The Dot that went for a Walk.

The Final Piece(s):







From top to bottom: Lyrical, Sloven, Indecisive, Turbulent




From top to bottom: Anxious, Distracted, Aggressive, Nonsensical



From top to bottom: Spontaneous, Embarrassed, Fragile, Systematic, Ambiguous


From top to bottom: Psychotic, Sensual, Bizarre, Awkward, Exhausted




The piece that I presented on:


messy in behaviour or appearance

It is made by dipping a friendship braid into Indian ink (there’s no deep meaning behind it, it’s purely practical), then pressing it onto the paper. The original idea for sloven was actually the idea for systematic, since the friendship braid has a regular intersecting ‘V’ pattern. I had expected the print to, in similar fashion, be a regular intersecting ‘V’ pattern, which it was. However, as each string in the braid was made of many threads, and it is these threads that absorb the ink, the final print contained a very detailed imprint of each and every thread, giving the ‘V’ pattern a very hairy look. The difference in tonal value (due to some parts of the braid absorbing more ink, and others less) added to give it a somewhat splotchy effect. These two combined was actually one of the ideas I had in mind for ‘sloven’. Hence, ironically, ‘sloven’ was the result of the failure of ‘systematic’ (which I took to mean orderly, predictable, logical patterns).

The final strip for ‘sloven’ was dipped in more ink, so that the splotchy effect is more apparent. I deliberately kept the perpendicular format of pressing it down because… I tend to be more organised, and even in a mess, it’s going to be an organised mess, because at the very least, I still roughly know where everything is.



Although I did not present the one below, I thought that I’d share more on this, because it’s interesting!


Violent, easily provoked to anger, abrasive, (potentially) destructive

The first ideas for “aggressive” came quite easily, from drawing straight, sharp lines across the page, to scratching into the page itself; the violent nature of aggression could be expressed. However, toward the end of the project, I stumbled across the idea of a volcanic eruption. Specifically a Peléan eruption. It is arguably the most devastating type of eruption currently known, perhaps due to the terrifying pyroclastic flows down the sides of the volcano.

Both ground and sky are scratched in, reflective of the violent nature of the eruption (as in the initial ideas). The not-so-visible scratches in the sky add to the highly volatile situation before and after the eruption. It can also be interpreted to be the subtle pre-cursors to an eruption that may go unnoticed, especially to the untrained eye. Blobs of ink are splattered onto the paper, as if the volcano had, in its anger, “blown off its top” and pieces of these fall back to the ground. One can also allude the blobs to the blotting out of the communities that tend to live and grow around the fertile soil of the volcano.

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