Teen Spirit

Banner:   Media Art Nexus Wall   3840 x 480 pixels LED 15m by 2m North Spine Plaza Media Art Nexus NTU Singapore 16 November 2017     Application of Swatches   A short promo video I made for the phone cases: More applications can be found here!   Swatch Book:     The Soft Copies of all the contents… Read more →

Final: The reBuild Project (VC III Water Project)

The reBuild Project is a global collaborative effort aimed at making it easier for people to contribute to communities worldwide that have been adversely affected by natural disasters or humanitarian crises. Millions of people around the world are affected by natural disasters and humanitarian crises. We hear and see the news online or in the news that happen to communities… Read more →

Patterns: Layouts and Composition

After creating the motifs I decided to start doing layouts and arranging elements in illustrator. I had several characters and thought of using them in various ways and scales in the composition to make it more interesting. The style was very very graphic and illustrative and I kinda like that look 🙂 It felt really vibrant, wacky and also colourful,… Read more →

Patterns: More Sketching (motifs cont’d)!

After the consultation with Gillian, she suggested doing backgrounds for the characters I have created to represent the millennial generation. For now, I decided to go ahead and do more motifs and some overlays just to see how my characters looked on a repeated pattern background. It was more experimental and consisted of a lot of repeating. Here are some… Read more →

Patterns: Motif Sketching and Illustrating

The next step in our pattern development was to sketch and doodle ideas to create possible designs, motifs or illustrations to put into our banner. I was really inspired by the colourful illustrative style by Luan Brombim and wanted to do something slightly similar in terms of using bold outlines, bright colours and very wacky imagery.     A little… Read more →

Patterns: Influences/Moodboard/Concepts

For this project we were supposed to explore the supernatural and how we could translate the given theme into a pattern for print. After doing some initial mind-mapping, researching and sketching there were several ideas that I had and wanted to explore further. After posting the initial exploration process on OSS, I received feedback from Ina to explore two directions:… Read more →

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