Project 1: A Line is a Dot that went for a Walk

final 1

“A line is a dot that went for a walk”

Emotions represent the physically intangible and abstraction is the reduction of reality into elemental essences. Lines and dots are the simplest elements that make up most of what we see in the real and virtual world. Being the basic building blocks of visual constructions, they serve a vital role in bridging the physically intangible with our eyes and communicating ideas from individual to individual. Intangible ideas like emotions can be communicated through abstraction consisting of lines planes and dots.

final 2


Most prints have been done using the monoprinting method which involves either making patterns on ink or placing objects on the ink before transferring the patterns onto a sheet of paper by running it through a printing press. Another method that was used was stamping which involved dipping various objects in ink and pressing them on paper, sometimes repeatedly.



Is it fruit? Is it a plant? A building? It is not very clear what exactly this is. Created by running various leaves and crushed paper through the printing press with grey ink.



The thin veins look almost ready to fracture, like fragile thin bones of a fish. Created by covering the underside of a leaf with ink and stamping on a paper.



Particles hooting off in various directions at random. The Brownian motion on paper. Created by pressing the tip of a marker to the paper and sliding it off repeatedly.

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