Project 3: Ego

“Stupidity combined with arrogance and a huge ego will get you a long way.”
– Chris Lowe

Project EGO

In Project EGO, we were presented with a series of simple equations that represented the various ways in which we perceive ourselves. a lot of reflection and self-exploration went into the creation of the images that represented what i thought of myself.

WP_20151116_003 (2)

“Social Media Facade + Insecurities = ME”


“Perfectionist – Crowd-pleaser = A BETTER ME”


“Taller × Better Singing = AN IDEAL ME”


“Wealth + Travelling the world = ME IN 5 YEARS”


Sketchbook & Developmental Process

In this project, we explored the importance of colour palettes learning how the colour wheel aids us in executing a visually pleasing colour scheme that would would work well together.

WP_20151115_010 WP_20151115_011 WP_20151115_012WP_20151115_013WP_20151115_013 WP_20151115_015 WP_20151115_017 WP_20151115_021 WP_20151115_025 WP_20151115_023 WP_20151115_027 WP_20151115_032 WP_20151115_034

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