Project 1: Typographic Portraits

Objective: to create six compositions containing your name, portrayed in creative typefaces that represent a certain characteristic of yourself.

Initial drafting board

Initially it took awhile to decide on what characteristics of myself i wanted to portray.

  • i am narcissistic
  • i love to draw
  • i am a potato
  • i am not a morning person
  • i am a cut above the rest
  • i am easy
  • i think out of the box
  • i am a masterpiece
  • i am short
  • i am out of ideas

Eventually i decided to choose these 6:

  • i am narcissistic
  • i am a cut above the rest
  • i am short
  • i think out of the box
  • i am a masterpiece
  • i am out of ideas
Screenshot (49)
Technical process for creation

When suddenly…

four compositions
Pure elation

So, after a few more rounds of thinking I eventually chose the following:

  • I am narcissistic
  • I am a masterpiece
  • I am out of ideas
  • I am not a morning person

And I came up with the following final compositions:

  1. I am JEREMY and I am narcissistic.

final compostion 1 draft

I decided to use a mirror surface acrylic to give an illusion of a mirror. Then I planned to cut out my name from the background and overlay it on top such that the mirror would only show through my name.

Visual reference:il_fullxfull.332343350

Initial draft:i am narcissistic low res

Final output for print:
i am narcissistic colour low res

Final product:20160213_001951 20160213_001335_001


2. I am JEREMY and I am a masterpiece.

final compostion 2 draft

Famous paintings included the following:

Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh
Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci
Weeping Woman by Pablo Picasso

Step-by-step font masking process in Photoshop:

Screenshot (44) Screenshot (45) Screenshot (46) Screenshot (47) Screenshot (48)

At first I had no idea what to do with the background so I toyed around with the idea of having abstract expressionist art flank the white space behind my name.

Several drafts:

i am a masterpiece
This version had one of Jackson Pollock’s work in the background

i am a masterpiece v2

Eventually i decided to leave it plain and printed it out. Then I used actual acrylic paint to paint over some patterns to add colour and actual paint texture to the composition.

Final product:20160213_001651


3. I am JEREMY and I am out of ideas.

final compostion 3 draftBlown light bulb as a representation of the lack of ideas. The tungsten is obviously broken and that kind of represents me on a daily basis when I try to think of new and creative stuff but fail to do so. Meh.

Visual references:


Bending a wire into my name by hand is a lot harder than I thought and it took me a couple of tries to get it right.

Failed attempt:


After I got the hang of it things took a turn (pun intended) for the better.

Very Instagram worthy, no doubt.

For the light bulb portion i Photoshopped the tungsten out of an image of a light bulb.

Initial mock-ups:

i am out of ideas draft i am out of ideas draft2

I went with the latter composition.

Final product:


4. I am JEREMY and I am not a morning person.

final compostion 4 draft

This was inspired by the not very uncommon scene in the morning where I would try to brush my teeth in the morning with my eyes barely open yet. I would attempt to squeeze toothpaste onto my toothbrush but have it land on the sink somehow. Clearly I am not made for waking up early.

Visual references:


Initial stage:

i am not a morning person low res
Too much use of contextual visual imagery. Leaves no space for the audience to think. Hence a lack of engagement.

After editing:

i am not a morning person v2 low res
Toothbrush, shaver and toothpaste tube were digitally removed. Minor touch ups were made on the toothpaste name.

Final product:




This project was really fun for me as I tried to explore different creative ways of expressing my characteristics through the use of typography. Though the workmanship could have been a bit better, I feel good about it 🙂


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