Project 3: Zine

For the final assignment of this semester we were supposed to create a small A5 sized zine of 8 pages (2 sheets of A4 paper front and back) of our previous works as an exercise and introduction to publication making and book binding. It was my first time being introduced to Adobe InDesign, the software that we used to create our zine. It was a fun and interesting experience as I managed to learn a lot about composition and text arrangement in publication design that I found extremely practical and useful in future.

Initially, I had a few ideas:

Screenshot (88)
Front and back page spread inspired by 2D Project 2: Points of View

Then I realized it didn’t look too nice and decided to go with my 4D project that i did last semester, titled “Alex in Wanderland”.

Screenshot (95)Screenshot (91)Screenshot (92)Screenshot (93)Screenshot (94)


Aligning the text the the columns helped to create a sense of uniformity and helped to establish aesthetic consistency. Also, the image hierarchy and text hierarchy in a spread allows readers to determine the main focus and guide them visually in reading the information presented in the spread.


spread composition analysis
A brief breakdown of a spread composition before aligning text and font size adjustment.


For the text, choosing the right font was a challenge for me as I had little experience with font pairing. However, I came across this webpage that was very useful in helping me select fonts that pair well together in a visually pleasing way.


Screenshot (96)


I felt like I hit an epiphany in typography or something. It was amazing.


Screenshot (97)
I eventually went with this configuration.


After that I had to rearrange the pages in InDesign such that i could saddle stitch it properly.


Before rearrangement
Before rearrangement
After rearrangement
After rearrangement


After that decided to do some test prints.


After the initial test print, I realized that the body copy font size was too big and hence I shrunk it.
After the initial test print, I realized that the body copy font size was too big and hence I shrunk it.


I then sent it for printing on 157 gsm glossy photo paper.






I really learnt a lot from this project. I felt like my sense of visual design has improved and i want to continue fine-tuning my design sense.

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