Month: September 2017

Patterns: Layouts and Composition

After creating the motifs I decided to start doing layouts and arranging elements in illustrator. I had several characters and thought of using them in various ways and scales in the composition to make it more interesting. The style was very very graphic and illustrative and I kinda like that look 🙂 It felt really vibrant, wacky and also colourful,… Read more →

Patterns: More Sketching (motifs cont’d)!

After the consultation with Gillian, she suggested doing backgrounds for the characters I have created to represent the millennial generation. For now, I decided to go ahead and do more motifs and some overlays just to see how my characters looked on a repeated pattern background. It was more experimental and consisted of a lot of repeating. Here are some… Read more →

Patterns: Motif Sketching and Illustrating

The next step in our pattern development was to sketch and doodle ideas to create possible designs, motifs or illustrations to put into our banner. I was really inspired by the colourful illustrative style by Luan Brombim and wanted to do something slightly similar in terms of using bold outlines, bright colours and very wacky imagery.     A little… Read more →

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