Final: The reBuild Project (VC III Water Project)

The reBuild Project is a global collaborative effort aimed at making it easier for people to contribute to communities worldwide that have been adversely affected by natural disasters or humanitarian crises.

Millions of people around the world are affected by natural disasters and humanitarian crises. We hear and see the news online or in the news that happen to communities in parts of the world that are away from us. More often than not, we passively consume this information and while we do feel a sense of sympathy for the people affected, many of us do little else to contribute to their dire situations. Those that do have to specifically go out of their way to donate in sometimes very inconvenient ways.

What if there was a better solution? What could be done to encourage more Singaporeans to contribute? In an effort to understand the situation better, an online survey was conducted with over 200 respondents about the nature of their donation habits, the factors that discouraged them to donate and the factors that would encourage them to.



The research conducted yielded results that were surprising. Singaporeans donated much less than expected. The information was then collated and placed into an infographic to better display the information:


reBuild App:

The main solution that was created to counter the lack of active contribution was an app that could help mitigate most the factors hindering people from donating.


The reBuild app would serve as a donation platform where people who have downloaded it can easily donate to organisations and disaster relief efforts through the money generated from in-app ads via Google Adsense. Users do not have to pay a single cent and points (represented by hearts) are used as in-app donation currency. Hearts could be earned by users through a variety of ways which involve using the app in a way that lets it run ads in the background over time. At the same time, it would be an accessible method of reaching out to help. The user just needs to download the app from his or her smartphone’s app store! The reBuild app prototype can be found at the following link:



A breakdown of the key reBuild app UI features is explained  with the images below:


Login Screen: Users can sign in with their account or link it to their social media profile to post it on their feed.
Main Menu: Users can see their profile which states the points they have earned and amount of time time spent within the app, which allows them to level up.
Activity Page: Users can see their activity within the app. This shows up on their feed in chronological order as well. Users can choose to share in-app activity to their logged in social media account.
Feed Page: Users can see how others in their social circle have contributed and keep up to date with how organisations around the world are helping communities in need.
Donate Page: Users can contribute to global causes, sorted by categories. “World view” brings up the world map that pin-points ongoing relief efforts globally.
Crisis About Page: Clicking on a crisis will take the user to the about page where they can read info about the crisis, like news and number of affected people and communities.
Crisis Ad Wallpaper: Users can set lockscreen ad wallpapers with crisis-related images with live ads to earn points. Does not need app to be open.
Crisis Donate Page: Users can play games uploaded by the relief organisations involved to earn points. Or donate points directly to the relief organisations involved.
Organisation About Page: users can find out more about specific disaster relief or humanitarian aid organisations as well as the organisation’s website and contacts as well.
Organisation Donate Page: Users can choose to either donate directly to the organisation or to specific relief efforts that the organisation is currently involved in.



































































Printed Collaterals:

After the app was designed, there was a need to promote it through printed campaign collaterals that would encourage individuals to download the app to contribute.  In the end, a series of three posters were created to promote the campaign as a brochure that contained information about the app as well as the infographic as well.


Brochure outer pages
Brochure inner pages

These printed collaterals would then be sent out to places like schools, community centres and corporate spaces to encourage people to start making a difference. the hashtag can be used on various social media outlets to let others know about the latest activities and updates that are happening with the The reBuild Project.


Motion Graphic Video:

Lastly, a short promotional video ad was created to promote the campaign as well:



The process for the entire project can be found at the following link:

Process: The reBuild Project (VC III Water Project)

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