Patterns: Banner and Media Art Nexus

After deciding on the final layout it was finally ready to be sent for printing (yay!). We partnered up and arranged our banner files such that two would be printed at the same time and within the same length of material to save cost.


The printing process itself took an hour plus!


After we printed our banners we attached acrylic rods to both ends to weigh them down and to make it easier for hanging up along the ADM lobby bridge.


To tie the banners up, we attached binder clips to the top acrylic rod and threaded fishing wire through the handles on both clips at once and tying a knot at the end. Then we lowered each down carefully and attached the rest of the fishing wire to the bridge.
My banner!


After we put the banners up, we were supposed to create an image file that would be displayed at the Media Art Nexus Wall at North Spine.


Final image to be displayed at Media Art Nexus Wall


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