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52-hertz is but the loneliest song

Have you heard about the 52 hertz whale? It’s the loneliest whale in the world. It sings its sad love song, hoping to find another but no other whale can hear it only because it’s different. Everyone talks about wanting to help the whale. Yet, when a similar whale do presents themselves in front of them, all they do is simply ignore it.

We passed silhouettes of large figurines of giant squids, whales, and the likes. The soft blue light emitted from the surrounding tanks were casted onto them, making them appear daunting in the half-darkness. However, the girl in front of me strode onwards with confidence, as if she owned the place. Well, technically her father owned it. Still, that doesn’t ease me that we’ve just broken into his aquarium. She was crazy, but so was I for agreeing. But I had a reason for doing so.

Today will be the day I’ll tell her to stop.

We met one fateful day at ward 47 of Bayview Hospital. A cast was plastered around my leg, elevated by a pillow. Bruises, small cuts and gauze pads decked my face down to my arms. I was admitted to be hospitalised after I’ve been pushed down a flight of stairs.

Another case of bullying and I was the unfortunate victim.

Boys were meant to be rough, noisy and rude. But I was none of those, further ostracised in school for my passion. The cause of my sorrows was propped up against the white wall, miraculously unharmed. Still, my hands itched to grab hold of it like it was my only source of comfort.

I stretched out my nearest arm. It still wasn’t enough. I tried scooting closer instead but the discomforting, sharp pain that shot through my broken leg each time I moved restrained me from doing so. Eventually, I resigned to flailing my arm uselessly along the side of the bed.

Maybe if I concentrated hard enough, I might be able to use the force. Use the force, Garry!

A pair of hands shot out from nowhere, startling me as they bought the violin case closer with an amused laughter. Her smile was wide, eyes bright. Her black hair was tied back into a ponytail, a pink dress donned her body. She was a girl of my age. As a boy from an all-boys school; sixteen, young and seldom fantasizing about females, I couldn’t help but to feel overwhelming shy and conscious in this situation. I must have seemed like an ugly, dying rat; lame. Well, literally.

What was she even doing here?

“Can you play this?” I could only managed a small nod, taking hold of the case. Excitement washed over her. “Play a song!” It sounded more like a demand than a question. Needless to say, I gave in to her request.

It was my chance to impress a girl after all.

With the violin supported on my left arm and my right hand grasping the bow, I took a deep breath. Steadied, I played “Till I find you”, a piece made by Yiruma. I was sent into a state of tranquility as I played a familiar song.

Like all peace, short and due, it was soon interrupted by a loud yell and pitter-pattering of footsteps. “Maia?” It sounded like they were searching for someone. The voices got louder.


The girl who sat on the edge of the bed, got up immediately and dashed out through the opened doorway, not before popping her head back in. “By the way, that was beautiful! I’ll see you next time!” And just like that, she was gone. I was left alone, clutching the violin close. My cheeks flooded red with unannounced gratitude.

It was the first time in ages hearing a praise.

It was also how I came to know her name.


The rest of the days were a blur. Maia was a regular at the hospital, claiming she was seeing her relative. She would often visit and I would play a song or two. It became a routine until my leg was well again. We kept in contact even after I returned back to school.

The persistent bullies were expelled after my parents have furiously expressed their outrage towards the superintendent. However, their goons remained. They’ve learned to hone their skills in verbal assaults rather than physical ones. They’ve continued their rain of insults; ‘A sissy-queer-fag’, they taunted over and over.

Humans are the worst.

I stopped playing the violin.

As we walked on through a lit tunnel of myriad colours and floating jellyfish, she told me her favourite animals were blue whales; How they were the biggest animals in the world; How they fed on the tiniest sea creatures; How a human can fit into one’s heart, despite how daring and morbid that was to imagine.

If a whale could love another with all their heart, would a human be capable of doing so with their entire being?

No. I don’t believe in something like that. Most of us could never amount to something that big. This is why we settled with a promised, well-known phrase: “To love you with all of my heart.”

What a silly metaphor that was.

We reached our destination, a wide clearing with a large glass wall loomed on one side. The same blue oceanic light filtered from it. This was the largest aquarium in the entire building. School of fishes whizzed around with manta rays tagging behind them. Large groupers hid in the shadows of a cave while yellow tangs darted among corals. I could understand why this was her favourite place.

Without another word, I placed the black case down, taking out my violin. Ready, I started with a shaky tune. It’s been a year since I’ve graduated, but the scars of being bullied deeply remained. I silently reminded myself. ‘It’s ok. There’s no one here besides Maia. And the fishes.’

I knew what she was doing. She was trying to regain back my courage with these secret night practices. “Awful! I would have kicked their butts if I was you!” she once said. I loved how bold she was, something I wished I was. She had told me everyone around her was overprotective, sheltering and disallowing her to do certain activities. But she wanted to live freely. So, on the impulse of her daring suggestion, we would meet every night on the tenth day; An escapade.

But my agreement might be detrimental to her.

I confronted her one day when I picked up a piece of paper she dropped. A report and list of unfamiliar drugs. A signature that agreed to chemotherapy. I had suggested we stopped our reckless escapade. But she begged, insisted that regardlessly, she will die.

I felt guilt trapped.

Whenever she would ride her bicycle, she ends up in a really breathless state. Each coughs grew harsher and painful overtime. Recently, underneath that beanie she wore, concealed a balding spot. Her body was slowly withering.

There was a chance for her to get better with rest…


In truth, I just couldn’t bear to see her disappear before my eyes.

I ended the song, high on emotions. “Why are you doing this?” Her eyes were welled up with tears, similar to mine. She spoke barely above a whisper. “Have you heard of the story of the 52-hertz whale?”

I finally understood, realising why I possibly couldn’t bring myself to stop after all this time.

How could I when we were both alienated whales in the vast ocean of life.

[The “longer” version of my short story for narrative class]

Research – The Trojan War

Ayyy, from on my title, my story will be loosely(?) based on the Greek Mythology : The Trojan war. However, the world of will be that of a slight fantasy twist. Slight because it is already a fantasy kind of story. I will also somehow butcher the original myth. So I apologise to anyone who’s a greek mythology fan.

Reason why I chose to do this is that I am currently working on a personal project that spins around a certain greek mythology and eh, why not just work on another. And I’ve been wanting to do one that focuses on Achilles. Only because after reading some facts about him that I find him to be a pretty interesting character.

(I may edit this page from time to time.)

Brief intro on what the story is about:

Melenaus’s wife, Helen, has been kidnapped by a dude named Paris. Both of them are kings of different kingdoms.  Melenaus decides to evoke the Oath, a pact made years before that the unsuccessful suitors of Helen would agree to defend the winning suitor in any quarrel. This very Oath had been suggested by Odysseus, a potential suitor at that time, to prevent disharmony among themselves.

As the Oath has been evoked, warriors and fighters had been gathered, especially those who partook in the Oath. However, an oracle had warned them that in order to win the war, they must get the most skillful and powerful fighters within their lands. Hence, began the quest to round them up. Among the powerful fighters was a rumored boy named Achilles. So far, they haven’t been successful in locating him until they met someone by the name of Patroclus, who seemed to have a past-connection with him.

Inspirations and References:

Bravely default/Bravely Second
(I’ve been playing this game recently, so perhaps most of my inspiration has been coming from it)

Image result for bravely default

Image result for bravely second

Image result for bravely second and default background

Flying ship concept. Something which I want to include.

Image result for bravely second and default background

And the outfits/character designs.

(ROBES. ACK. NOPE. I’m not going for historically accurate clothes hahahaha. I don’t want a story of a bunch of greek dudes in robes walking about only having to change into their armors because of war.)

Image result for bravely second and default characters

Image result for bravely second and default characters

(Fanart – I can’t find the original source/artist)

Granblue fantasy

Somehow similar to the worlds in animus like Re:Zero, SAO and Fairytail. I’m going for a similar fantasy world concept. So Fantasy RPG-ish? Is that the right word, psh.

So is there magic (because Re:Zero and Fairytail)? Yes. But only to a certain limitation I guess.

Image result for re zero

Image result for re zero starting life in another world city

I might go with the concept of magic crystals. They are form in certain mountainous caves where water and sunlight meet, either through a crack or slit on the cave’s ceilings/walls. The magic properties comes from the crystals soaking up the earth’s power, as the people believe that the earth is magical and abundant of lives, leading to the creation of fascinating creatures and such. That’s where people can harness and use their energy, for flying ships, etc. and are rechargeable by the sun’s light.

Image result for magic crystals

Possible Creatures (Few examples. I might end up meshing some creatures to create something up) :


Image result for hippogriff

Hippogriffs are mostly found along the coastlines and mountainous regions. They mainly prey on fishes, due to their waterproof feathers. They do occasionally feed on bigger creatures and can take down beasts as strong as them. They are normally seen in small groups.

Pegasus. Especially since they’re kind of one of the more iconic greek mythology creatures.

Image result for pegasus art

Image result for pegasus art

Pegasus are considered rare winged horses that only the rich and upper class can own them. They’re much more harder to them than normal horses.

My original story concept, I had wanted to do something that revolves around the Aspidochelone or Asp-turtle. But naaaah, I couldn’t really think of anything to do with it. I was partly inspired at that time to make a story like The last Guardian. But I may feature it because I still like the concept of the Asp-turtle.

Image result for aspidochelone

Image result for aspidochelone whale

Flying ones!

Image result for flying ships fantasy

Image result for flying ships and cities

Image result for maplestory flying shipClassic Maplestory flying ships

Mizael Tengu

Gazeraz Alchemist - concept by *MizaelTengu on deviantART:

Akihiko Yoshida

Image result for Akihiko Yoshida character designImage result for Akihiko Yoshida character design

(I bet you weren’t expecting all of this because of the featured image hahahaha)

My Line is Emo – All in one

The entire project had been an emotional roller coaster ride, mainly involving the emotions frustration, angst, exhaustion and relief! Haha!

I’ve decided to document and compile everything into one post, so bear with me if it seems lengthy! But I guess it shows the process much easier in one post!

Mark Making:

We had to bring our own mark making tools for class. Initially, I had no idea what I should bring, so I decided to make some of my own! As class progressed, I realized that literally ANYTHING can be used as a mark making tool.

Mark Making Tools

We also learned how to use a paint on roller and how to achieve a nice, full black print. We got to experiment and explore with different techniques using paint and chinese ink.


Exploration of paint using a Roller


This is only the beginning

We may have gone a bit too wild and started trying out endlessly possibilities achieving some form of mark making. But in the end, we made some really cool results!


My Mark Making Loots! 2dpic6

Example of  a good Mark Making work


We also had the opportunity to do mono-printing! I have never done mono-printing before and have always wonder how they’re done, so this was an eye opener for me. We have to lino-cutting which is done by cutting the surface of a Lino, spreading paint evenly onto it and then run through a print machine.

 2dpic7 2dpic8

The amount of paint and pressure used can affect the outcome of the print

We got a hands on experience of trying the lino-printing, and these were what I produced!

2dpic9 2dpic10 2dpic11Dark is my soul which I have just touched

The main result were paint-covered hands.

Overall, who knew mark making could be fun? But we all know, that that’s just the beginning. Now all we have to do was link our mark marking and emotions together.

Memory Drawing:

For this, we had to tap into our subconscious to do automatic drawings. A simple way to do so is Memory Drawing. In Memory drawing, we have to think of whichever emotions we want to portray. For example , for a Happiness, we need to think of something that makes us happy or a moment in or life where we felt a strong feeling of happiness. And by doing so, we let our hands do the automatic drawings.







Process Work:

How I started was that I did experimental works first. Mainly exploration of techniques and mark marking to see what I can achieve. After which, I might look at a particular print and see what kind of emotions it elicits or reminds me of. I would make notes in my journal about it so I would not forget what I have thought of.

2dpic15 2dpic16
Experimental works

The next step for me was to categorize the prints I have done and other future-prints I might do into the main emotions; happiness, love, sadness, fear, anger, surprise. This allows me to view my ideas in a much easier sense and I can easily refer back to it for inspirations. I also in down my thoughts on how I feel about each emotions. I also tried exploring other forms of mediums and tools such as glue and strings.

2dpic17 2dpic18 2dpic19 2dpic20

Categorized emotions + Further exploration

Last was to do various prints of them and then use the cropping tool method to see what kind of results I would get. I would do at least 5 strips for each of my chosen emotion and pick the best out from them to be used in my final project.


Example: Sentimentality

Final Project: My Line is Emo

(cue drumroll)


List of chosen emotions from Top to Bottom:

Tenderness Rage
Sentimentality Annoyance
Wacky Frustration
Psychotic Alienation
Excitement Surprise
Fear Melancholy
Anxiety Woe
Distress Misery
Conflicted Exhausted