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Project 3: Mise-en-scene

Title: Friend
Director: Jessabel
Actors: Calista, Jaime, Celine & Zerline

Six lines:

  1. Would you come to my funeral?
  2. I don’t understand
  3. I thought I could die, but I was wrong.
  4. I must find another way to make things right.
  5. Who are you?
  6. Just someone on a journey – like you.

When I first started out this project, I had no idea what kind of film I might be making. Based on my lines, it was probably something along the line of psychosis, most likely inspired by that one particular Salvador Dali film we saw in class. However, I decided to pursue what I had wanted to do initially -despite the lines.

(Good plot. Must watch. Highly recommend.)

A few weeks ago,  I had been watching an anime called 91 days. It is a mafia-themed kind of show and I guess I was inspired to do a betrayal kind of film. I would have loved to add a mafia-theme into my film but I felt that was a very huge challenge, in terms of filming, prop-wise, and the amount of people, time and choreography. I mean, the hardest part of my film was getting the shooting and the falling scene right -kudos to my actors for putting up with my film hahaha! Perhaps someday I can pursue that idea but for now, please enjoy what I have managed to compiled and created:

Link: Here

Bloopers and BTS: Here