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Once Upon A Time- Storyboard

Synopsis of story:

In a world where the aristocrats thrive while the lesser suffer, a young orphan girl named Scarlet desires a change for the oppressed. Trapped in the dystopian city of Fairytale, Scarlet seeks out to destroy the organization G.MA, which have long ruled the city under their dictatorship. Despite her skills, she lacks the knowledge in tracking them down. She encounters a mercenary who goes by the name of Mr. Wulfric, claiming that he “knows the way to G.MA’s house.” In exchange for his assistance, Scarlet is required to help him achieve his vendetta against them after the lost of his family and half of his face against a fight with Jack O’ Hunter, G.MA’s personal guard.

Along the way, Scarlet learns about her haunting past and relations, especially with the head of G.MA. Will Red carry on her mission, or abandon it and betray her accomplice?

The possible betrayal scene between Scarlet and Mr. Wulfric







And the curtains fall.

I added the last image for dramatic build up! The first 5 images are the images for the sequential project. Unfortunately, I didn’t do a overview of the entire story but rather a section of it. Initially, i had no idea how to come up with a storyboard. This is my second time doing so. But I had fun doing it and I hope the story can be portrayed out from the images.