final project – Limbo (Dark Object)



About my project:

This project is to comment on the cancer patients and their battle to cure their sickness. We wanted to put the audience in the shoes of patient who had gone through chemotherapy and to constantly link it back to a clinical experience(as chemotherapy usually has multiple sessions.). Through this work we wish to evoke multiple emotions, like fear, annoyance, wariness, which are quite typical emotions these patients have experienced, an tie it back to the medical setting and procedures.. We start it off with a set of clinical procedure/ instruction that everyone has to follow,

  • pump 3 times to clean their hands
  • wear the clinical mask

and then only for the person interacting:

  • put on isolation gown
  • put on wig and check reflection
The isolation gown is to isolate the  participant and removing his/ her identity. The use of fragmented mirror is to ensure that the viewers can never get a fully see themselves, which being out the emotion on how the a lot patients felt during illness, curing and healing process. Cancer patients becoming delirious and hallucinate during final stages due to the high dosage of strong painkillers, which is why the fragmented mirror to show the illusion.

My observational documentation:

3 user tests

Tester A: He had some trouble putting on the isolation gown and when he picks up the wig the sound had already gone off. He left it on for quite some time and the quickly got the wig off after the flat line was heart for about 5 seconds. He felt annoyance and a bit of fear and felt like the volume of the sound is a little too loud. He feels that the mirror serves its purpose.

Tester B: She likes hat everyone has to go through the same procedure before entering the class. was shock when the sound came on before she put it on but she could relate to the interaction work as it really brings her back to back then when she had to go through surgery. She likes the mirror too. She was one of the quickest to remove the wig after she out it on as it had triggered memories.

Tester C: She was the calmest and said that she the fact that everyone if watching her and also wearing a mask, really set the environment and the tone of the interaction. She  also likes the mirror and even though the sound of the flat line was annoying, she left the wig on the longest as she was trying to fix it perfectly with the aid of the fragmented mirror.

Design Process documentation

Testing the code.

For more information on Project Developing

For more information on Body Storming

Pre-installation(fragmented mirror):

Materials Needed:
Vanity Mirrors
Photo Frame
Mounting Tape
Glue Gun

1. We went to buy these items from IKEA.

2. To create a 3D effect on the mirror, we bought 4 mirrors and put them together when cracking them by using hammer and hot glue.

3. We detach Photo frame backing and layer slowly the mirrors slowly. We use fabric to push the mirrors forward and act as a filler and support the mirrors.

4. We glue gun the back even more to ensure further support and then mount the back to the wall


Materials Needed:

  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Surgical Mask
  • Isolation Gown
  • Instructional Signs
  • Wig
  • Fragmented mirror
  • Stand
  • Trash bin

1. We bought medical supplies from a walk in medical supply store.

2. There are 2 tables being set up. One inside the class and outside.

3. Sanitize and mask is being placed outside the class with instructions.

4. Isolation gown and wig is being placed inside the class, followed by the wig on the stand and the fragmented mirror on the wall

5. The laptop and speaker is inside the trash bin


Coding in Arduino and Processing:

These are the coding.

The circuit setup

Zine: Locale Part 2

For my zine, I wish to focus on the crimes committed in Clarke Quay.

According to my research, the top 3 crimes committed in Clarke Quay are: violence, molestation and theft. Hence I wish to commentate on such serious issue with a lighter tone and linked it to fashion.

The tone I was going for is a more sarcastic tone. Clarke Quay is known to be a place for sloppy activities, hence I decided to do a high fashion magazine here instead of a normal look-book.

Sample Shots

Cover Page

For my cover page I wanted something that is eye catching and suggestive. Hence, I picked this picture of Desiree staring directly into the camera, her eyes suggesting something panicky and tense. I wanted her to wear red to bring attention to her.

Violence Spread

I wish to bring light on the alcohol in this spread and also the resemblance of a fight to a war, which is why the army hat and top. I then digitally added on bruises. The way my model, Ray, is being portrayed, is from a worm’s eye view.  It is as if he is taunting the viewers. I also want to bring out the laze and the dependence in posture when one is under influence. The bridge in the background is a bridge called the “Red Bridge”, which is a hot spot for people to drink before heading to the clubs.

Theft Spread

I wish to bring focus to the locks and chains on my mode, Eugene’s body, which is why he is wearing a dull color to push the silver and gold forward. Most theft cases happen inside the clubs, however since we are not able to shoot inside, we did it directly outside. There was a police sign outside Zouk, which is one of the most popular clubs in Singapore, and was bringing light to these crimes. Also, this spread has the most expensive outfit among the 3.

Molestation Spread

I want my model, Desiree to stand out in this spread. This is because in most cases, girls try not to bring a lot of unwanted attention to themselves, however, that is the opposite to what I want. Hence, I dressed her up in vibrant colors and shot her pictures in the middle of Clarke Quay where it has the most number of people. I want her outfit to cover as much skin as possible and tried to tie the colors of her outfit to the pink and purple background of Clarke Quay. I want her to look soft in the picture and have empty spaces around her to make her seem more in the open and a a sense of voyeurism.

The Final Layout

I wanted to put titles and descriptions like a how they did it in fashion magazines, hence, I took inspiration from Vogue, Bazaar Harper and there high fashion magazines. I added on comments on the outfit they wore in a sarcastic tone to comment on the purpose and recommend other fashion pieces to aid with the people who would want to wear these outfits next time.



Zine: Locale Part 1 (Research)


Clarke Quay is a historical riverside quay in Singapore, located within the Singapore River Planning Area. At present, five blocks of restored warehouses house various restaurants and nightclubs. Usually on Wednesday(ladies’ night), Friday and Saturday, the clubs are flooded with people and youngsters. Clarke Quay is the most well known places for the nightlife and the club scene.


I then proceed on to do some secondary research by asking my friends and followers on Instagram to do this survey.

Survey link:

However, due to the popularity and the alcohol, there are a lot of crimes committed. The top few crimes are molestation, theft and violence. I decided to dig deeper on such crimes and assault.

After partying, there are a lot of places around Clarke Quay that are open for supper.

I then go down Clarke Quay and experience it myself and then interviewed the people who goes and work there. I then compile it into a short video.

Image Making Through Type

What my type mean to me

I have always based my work around the women’s theme hence, I wanted to make a type and have an overarching theme about the life the ladies out there and on the judgement and oppression women are under. Also to celebrate women’s accomplishments and a little touch of my own experiences inside.


Typeface in skin by Thijs Verbeek.

Finger Type by Jonathan Looman

Bodyface font by Kiyoka Katahira

My work

I am a model.

This work is inspired by Thijs Verbeek and Kiyoka Katahira
I took inspiration from Versace and Vetements’s model casting where they will just take Polaroids of the models and write about them. As they are Polaroids, they can not be digitally manipulated. However, that is what I did.
I want to show me forcing my body in a certain way, like this uncomfortable look. As I always wanted to be a model, but never good enough, hence I wanted to make it look like a model casting.
However, of course I can’t always make my body and all look like the letters, hence I digitally manipulated it to make it what I want it to look like and then took a Polaroid of it. this also brings up the topic of how like Facetune and all is used to deceive the eyes and make pictures look better than it is. It’s like how we are just all kinda narcissistic and kinda wanna try to fit it, to look better, either by physically or digitally manipulating our body and pictures. I also written my weight, my height etc. most of my information to make myself more exposed and uncomfortable.

I am the president.

I wanted to show how our female president is kinda like just a front and a puppet. I want to show like invisible hands at the back kinda controlling her. I really want to question if our election as really suggest a movement forward for women in this country.

I am a Kardashian.

I wanted to show a celebration. The colors I used are mainly colors on the china national flag. The Kardashians might have a bad vibe around it but what makes the Kardashians so successful is because they handle you got to admit even after through all the drama and scandal.
I am from a Chinese family but I have always been obsess with the American culture. Although my family is not very happy with the obsession, i have always been trying to pursue it. I’m not very Caucasian looking even though i would love to be. i want to merge the “culture” of the Kardashians and my culture “china” and so i took inspiration from kids textbook fonts which is like comic sans from Chinese words, and chose my Chinese name.

I am a nudist.

This is heavy inspired by Tiago Caetano.
I love my body. I love the women’s body. I think it’s the most beautiful thing ever sculptured by god. However I have always wondered why our nipples are being censored, hence I uncensored it. I went with a nude color to represent the skin and the different tones of pink for the nipples. There’s a lot of different kinds of nipples out there, I wanted to show acceptance and embrace to all kinds of nipples. I did this because I wish to “normalise” the sight of female nipples.

Kinetic Beast Research


The cat is a small carnivorous mammal. It is the only domesticated species in the family Felidae and often referred to as the domestic cat to distinguish it from wild members of the family. The cat is either a house cat, kept as a pet, or a feral cat, freely ranging and avoiding human contact.

Range of motions

Limps: The cat joints are a modified ball-and socket joint. It is capable of flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, internal rotation, external rotation, and circumduction. Its primary motion, however, is flexion and extension.


Flexion-extension of the shoulder: (A) Zero starting position. (B) Flexion is measured in degrees away from the zero starting position (A-B).

Entire body:

  1. The jump is starting; hind legs push the ground back.
  2. As the hind legs recede, the forelegs go forward.
  3. When legs push the ground, the part of body they’re attached to stays on default level. The other one can go up.
  4. Notice that the hind legs’ bones never make a straight line, even when fully expanded.
  5. No leg on the ground, body fully expanded.
  6. Forelegs are preparing to land as far as possible.
  7. Landing done; hind legs will try now to land in the same point.
  8. The tail’s root direction is based on the hip’s pose.
  9. When all the paws are on the ground, front and rear stay at the same level.

Cats use different strategies to hunt their prey like sneaking or pouncing.

Stalk-and-pounce method: Once the prey is located, the cat quickly moves closer in a low to the ground pose, and then stops and freezes sometimes for endless moments while watching the prey. If the target moves farther away, the cat adjusts by ever-so-slowly creeping forward one paw-step at a time, even freezing with a foot in mid-air to avoid revealing herself. For the final rush, she gathers rear legs beneath her and treads in preparation for for a forward thrusting take-off. It may require several darting leaps before she’s near enough for the final pounce.


Cat righting reflex: is a cat’s innate ability to orient itself as it falls in order to land on its feet.

After determining down from up visually or with their vestibular apparatus (in the inner ear), cats manage to twist themselves to face downward without ever changing their net angular momentum. They are able to accomplish this with these key steps:

  1. Bend in the middle so that the front half of their body rotates about a different axis from the rear half.
  2. Tuck their front legs in to reduce the moment of inertia of the front half of their body and extend their rear legs to increase the moment of inertia of the rear half of their body so that they can rotate their front further (as much as 90°) while the rear half rotates in the opposite direction less (as little as 10°).
  3. Extend their front legs and tuck their rear legs so that they can rotate their rear half further while their front half rotates in the opposite direction less.

Depending on the cat’s flexibility and initial angular momentum, if any, the cat may need to perform steps two and three repeatedly in order to complete a full 180° rotation.


Materials we are looking to use:

Fur: resembles the fur of the cat

Reflective: reminds us of the eyes of the cats at night

Light and small: flea like, clustered in groups


Color palette:


Project Development Drawing

For our object, it is a wig. The wig is placed on a head mannequin which will be infront of this full size mirror.

  • How does your audience experience your project?

What the audience have to do it to just pick up the wig and look at themselves in the mirror.

  • Is it for a single person to engage with your project or for multiple participants concurrently?

just one person.

  • What is the interaction or situation you are creating for your audience?

There will be photocell and a sound generator that will cause the wig to produce moans made by males during sex.

The viewer sound feel uncomfortable and if it is a guy, his masculinity should be questioned and if it is a girl, she is suppose to feel disconnected to her body.

  • What is the intention of this interaction?

This is to shine light on gender dysphoria and the disconnections between the bodies and minds of the trans community.