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Assignment 2: Process

For this project, I did not want to do a direct representation of the molecule but instead I wish to have my own fantasy twist to it.

Here are some sketches I did:

For this, I wish to depict the hardworking scientists as bees and the hive was inspired by the honeycomb shape of the molecule. I wish to include them doing the actions that allows them to create this molecule.

For this, the net is inspire by the hexagon shape of the molecule. I wish to portray a scientist using this new molecule to “fish”/ create more new ones.

For this, the molecule just looks like stars to me…


I decided to go for the honey comb idea as Ela do prefer that concept as well, but she wish to include the secondary products produced from this new molecule. Hence, I decided to put those secondary produced chemicals as the honey created. The style I used is kind of inspired by some insane artists with crazy line works such as Victo Ngai. Here is my process:

For the bees, I wanted to depict them a little more realistically and test out different placements.

Final work: