Project 3: Impossibilities of Being

20 places I’ve never been before:

After that, I picked “the last person alive” to create.

I feel like Singapore is constantly packed with people. Be it at 6am or 6pm, there is always this liveliness to the city. Which makes me wonder, what happens when I am all alone. What happens to all the sound? Will I miss the sound?

How I believe I will react is that initially I will do my normal stuff and everything will be more mundane that’s all. I will read books as internet is gone, I will walk the streets alone, or even just sit in the middle of the road. However as time passes, I will start to hallucinate as I used to be surrounded with sound and when the sound of  human existence is gone, I wish it was here. Therefore, I start to hear sounds at empty places where they were suppose to be and they started to get louder. In one of the scene, there is a sound of a car honking which is usually what drivers do when they see some one on the road, I made the sound have a gradient to suggest a car coming but it never shows up as there is no car.

For the story line, I ended it with me finding a half lighted cigarette, which indicate that I might not be the last person alive after all.