Micro Project 1: Creating the Third Space

I think that the idea of space ranges from physical, emotional, mental etc.

Hence the space I picked is the washroom. It is a place that you want it to be clean but obviously is one of the filthiest places. The washroom isn’t just a physical space where you go in to do your business, for me it is a little different, a little more.

This place, the washroom, probably has the most amount and the widest range of personalities compared to this other spaces around school. People come and go but somehow, be it the water that was splashed or the tissue on the floor, they will leave their mark somewhere… it’s like they never left.

The four walls can be viewed as a dungeon, trapping you, or as a escape room, protecting you. The washroom has always been my escape room, it is my third space: a safe mental space. It is filled with vulnerability and filth. It is a place I let down my guards, and relax. I go there to escape from boredom, but mainly from social anxiety. My mind if free here, it is at ease. It is just a spot to alone, free from stares, free from questionings, free from judgement. I feel safe, blocked out from reality, but it is all in my head.