Micro-Project 3 – Together Split

We decided on creating a video depicting life, from birth to growing up and then to marriage, using Instagram’s video call.

While creating this video, we faced a lot of problem. As it was difficult to film the video as it was really hard to have 5 people synchronizing them together, on top of that, there is a lot of reliance on the internet. Due to that, our app kept crashing because our school WiFi is not as good.However, we stuck together and tried really hard to communicate regardless.  Even with all the struggles, we overcame them and produced a pretty good video.

I believe that Project 1 has the most creative control,  as we have control over both the process and the content. We capture what we want to put out and we kinda sculptured the intended response from the viewers.

I felt like Project 2 best illustrate DIWO and Open Source and he most unpredictable outcome. This is because there is no restriction and control in what could happen and it is totally up to the viewers to fully interact with us. The whole situation is unpredictable and the outcome really blew us away. We totally did not expect that so many people would  throw their morals always and break the law for that short term pleasure.