Pandora revisit: Brochure


  • I cut the blue foam to the desired shapes

  • I then coat it with latex (10 – 15 layers)

  • I then pour plaster into it and then waits for it to harden:
    1. a portion of plaster-of-paris and half the volume of water
    2. Pour into my Latex
    3. Leave the plaster to harden
    4. I then sand and refine your plaster replicas if necessary

  • I then had to make the silicon mold. These are the instructions:
    1. Build the formwork around leaving a border of 5mm all round
    2. Ensure the formwork is leak proof by sealing with ample amount of glue
    3. Pry open both Part A & Part B buckets use separate chopsticks to stir well before “dripping” into yellow plastic cups.
    4. Use separate yellow plastic cups with line markings to fill with equal amounts of Part A & Part B from yellow & blue buckets respectively.
    5. Transfer both Part A & B mixture into white cup & stir well with separate chopstick till homogeneous
    6. Pour
    7. Leave to set overnight for at least 6 hours