Final Brochure

I wanted my brochure to be vibrant, fun and interactive, while maintaining design coherence with my poster. I want to depict my scorpion dancing with a pop up mechanism and the background whirling to mimic  the colourful background in Ariana Grande’s “God is a Woman” music video (which was my initial inspiration).

Reference Folds and Mechanism

What caught my eye was definitely the (first row, second from the right) spinning butterfly as I feel like it can depict my scorpion spinning and “dancing”, hence I went forward to search more about this mechanism.

Card Fold Mechanism Guides

Brochure Concept #1

I tried to do something simple and not too complex so that I could focus on typography.

However, it looks quite boring.

Brochure Concept #2

I decided to make it smaller and add in some mechanisms like a spinning scorpion that is attached to a thin elastic band and a turning circular background.

However, after consultation, it was brought to my attention that there is lack resemblance to my poster especially in terms of typography. Furthermore, it looks a little plain and hard to understand.


Click here to view PDF version

I decided to keep my design simple but also fun and vibrant at the same time. I decided to reduce the number of folds and keep the spinning scorpion (to depict it “dancing”) and turning background mechanism (to show that the background is swirling).

The turning turquoise background also acts as a hook to hold the brochure close.

Final Brochure Spread

Final Brochure with Grids

Brochure Construction Sample and Mechanism Testing

I did not have any thinner elastic band so I had no choice but to use a rubber band. I know my construction is a little wonky but the paper I printed on is a little thin to my liking.

Since this is just a sample construction, I just want to show how the brochure is being folded and how the mechanism should work.

Front view (folded)

Front view (unfolded)

Inside view (unfolded)

Back view (unfolded)

Mechanism testing




Singapore zoo poster


The poster is suppose to depict the glow in the dark characteristic of the scorpions when under UV light and also dance characteristic before the male and the female mates. The scorpion body will be blue and they glow blue in colour when in the dark. The main atmosphere the poster should create is a fun, loud and party like style.

Mood board for Idea #1

I picked inspiration of neon signs from night clubs because it symbolises partying, dancing and having fun.

These are the references I have found.

I prefer the more detailed scorpion as I want the main empathise to be the scorpion. I then test out a few compositions with the grids as guidelines.

Final poster for Idea #1


However, after consulting with Professor Lisa, she suggest that it would be better if I can merge the colours from idea#1 with the concept of idea #2 as it will be more vibrant and really shows the movement of the scorpion. Hence, I decided to take that route.


The poster is suppose to depict the dance characteristic of the scorpions before the male and the female mates. The poster should also depict the rich glowing turquoise body of the scorpion when it is exposed to UV light. The main atmosphere the poster should create is a fun, vibrant and elegant style.

Main reference:

Ariana Grande’s “God is a Woman”


Testing Typography and Scorpion Placements

Using guide lines:





Assignment 1 – Graphic Form: Scorpion



Initial Inspiration:

What inspired me to pick a scorpion is from a show called “Locked up”. It is a show about female prisoners in Spain and how they try to survive day to day against all the abuse from the male guards. One of the prisoners kept a scorpion as a pet as she resonates a lot with the characteristics of a scorpion. The rest of the prisoners then use the scorpion as a symbol of survival.

Research on Scorpions:

Scorpions are found on all major land masses except Antarctica and New Zealand. They have eight legs and are easily recognised by the pair of grasping pedipalps and the narrow, segmented tail, often carried in a characteristic forward curve over the back, ending with a venomous stinger. Scorpions range in size from 9 mm / 0.3 in to 23 cm / 9 in. Female scorpions are broader and are more aggressive than males. The female scorpions are are more likely to sting too as they tend to be more protective especially when they are carrying their offsprings.

Brand/ Logo Research:

Initial Sketches:

These are my sketches.

01_20 Sketches


Graphic Form:

For my final 3 logos, I really want to show the characteristics of the female scorpion as I am fascinated by their behaviour. The two Yin-Yang logos are to show balance between the male and female scorpions in the world and it also to evoke the view of two scorpions “dancing” when before they mate. To make them different, I decided to fill in one of the scorpion to indicate the female species as it shows it is full and carrying offsprings.

There are further descriptions in the PDF.

02_Graphic Form

These are some of my extra sketches before ending up with the final 3 logos.

extra sketches


Colour Study:

The description of colour choice is stated in the PDF. I tried colour study for my initial scorpion logo and the other one, I added a circle at the back to show more depth in the design. View PDF descriptions for more information.

Logo with circle added behind:

Initial logo, without circle at the back:


03  Colour Study testing

I decided to go with the logo with the circle at the back because I feel like it gives me more depth and looks better with the colours. I also like how the additional circle at the back looks make it seem like a burrow hole and the scorpion being inside the hole.

This is my final colour studies:

03_Colour Study final



I decided to choose the red logo because I wanted my logo to suggest a subtle form of danger and alertness but also alluring. I also like how the gradient of the red which guides the viewer’s eyes and the way it emphasises that the tail with the sting is the most dangerous part. I feel like this logo can be used for games, clothing brand etc.

04 Final