Final Assignment: The Blood Bag

My mood board/inspiration:

I wish to explore blood and blood vessels but not in the gory way. I am very intrigued by how they look like under the microscope and there are so much complexity and texture to it.

Method used:

I tried a few methods which I feel best fits the aesthetics and the methods that are able to capture the details of my subject.

Plastic fusion:

I love how the thin plastic melts and create hole like how the blood vessels look like under the microscope like the images in my mood board.

Water soluble material:

This is inspired by the blood and blue blood vessels running through our body, I used this method because I wanted to explore how this method can wrap around out body. I didn’t wash everything as I felt like the shine from the water soluble material also look little like the plasma.

Wet and Dry Felting:

This method is my favourite as it really help me create some very fine details. This is supposed to be inspired by arteries openings and plasma. I mixed in bit of embroidery at the edges to create some short of thickness to the arteries opening.



I used a heat gun on synthetic material, and just held it close to the fabric until it wrinkles. It creates some really interesting vein like effect and some bums that looks like cells.

Ink Transfer:

This method really allows me to create some interesting pattern that mimics the oxygenated and deoxygenated blood with the vibrate colours it creates.


I wish to explore some blood clogs (left) and veins under the skin (right), however I feel like this is too gory for me.


I wanted to explore this method because it is a very organic and raw method. I wish to create some blood cells and veins by tying some thread around the red fabric, then soak in bleach and add some embroidery. I love the effect it produces.





Water soluble material:

Final product process:

Method: Wet and dry felting

I created two huge pieces of felt (Red with white, and Blue) with the wet and dry felting method. Red – oxygenated blood, White – plasma, Blue – deoxygenated blood.

I then draft out a pattern for my bag on a spare fabric and then pin it onto my felt to cut it out.

After cutting them out, I mark out where I want to cut out the arteries and vein openings on the red and blue felt.

With the holes cut out, I start to do the embroidery at the edges of the cut out to create the arteries and vein opening thickness (inspired from my mood board on the microscopic view of the blood vessels)

I also added some beads and embellishments to suggest the red and white blood cells and also to add some details and texture to the piece.

After I’m done with the embroidery and embellishment, I then felt the two pieces together.

For the strap, instead of just doing a normal rectangle strap, I decided to felt some long cylinder strips and braid it to suggest the 3-dimensional arteries and veins connecting everything in our body.

Final and packaging:

I wanted my packaging aesthetics to be like crime and evidence inspired. Hence I pack my Blood bag and samples in ziplock bags and label them like how evidence will be stored from crime scenes.

Mood board and description:

Sample packaging:



Database and Interactive Narratives

Interactive narrative, or interactive storytelling, is defined as the art of telling stories enhanced with technological, social or collaborative interactive features to offer content adapted to new behaviours in a rapidly changing cultural ecosystem.

Simply put, it is made believed to the audience that in the virtual world, the audiences’ click, touch or scroll can significantly alter the storyline of the project. It feeds into the needs of human nature to be in control of what they are exploring in front of them and the act of self expression. 

The most common example of projects containing database and interactive narrative are games. I myself have been engaging in this mobile application developed by Will Wright called “SimCity” for almost 2 years. It is designed to lead the users and to educate them on the underlying model of the game. This means that users will make their own decisions at the start, but if they do not align with the model of the game, the game will prompt problems to “force” users to change their choices. For example, user can build lots of buildings but little roads, the game will have the game  will suggest traffic congestions and angry citizens that are not willing to pay tax money. Users are then guided to upgrade more roads and build leisure parks to enhance the welfare of the citizens. This game is a good example of using database and interactive narrative to support long-term player engagement as it contains a complex but ultimately transparent model of how the city works.

Another game example is Choices by Nexon and Episode by PocketGem. These applications have a range of interactive games within them. Some are collaborations made with singers like Demi Lovato, allowing fans to form friendships with Ms Lovato or possible relationships. The audience can spin the storyline however they like with no real life consequence and immerse themselves in an experience they could probably never have in the real world. 

A newer example of projects integrating interactive narrative are films. As time goes by, the media outlets have caught onto the consumer’s need of control. The most exciting development from the mass media is Netflix’s interactive drama/ thriller series special called Bandersnatch from Black Mirror. It allows watchers to make decisions for the protagonist through his journey of app development and along the way, tempts viewers with bad but influential friends, drugs and many taboo factors. To keep it interesting, Netflix introduces a large range of endings and you are allowed to watch the series over and over again at Netflix’s recommended checkpoints in the show so that there is no need to restart again. Bandersnatch is a really huge step for the media industry as traditional films always has a decided endings, and the show also managed to reach an even larger audience which includes those who do not consider themselves gamers. The series was so successful that Netflix will be introducing more interactive shows in the future. Here is a breakdown of how Bandersnatch’s endings (spoilers): 

In conclusion, numerous projects are exploring the different forms of interactive storytelling and the possible experiences it can provide. Now that technologies enables instead of retains, we have entered an exciting era and shall not waste this chance to further develop the emerging field of interactive narrative.



Thoughts on Marsha Kinder’s “Designing a Database Cinema”

Marsha Kinder suggests that “databases and narrative are two compatible structures and their combination is crucial to the creative expansion of new media.” I could not agree more as with the mergence of databases and narrative, they create a whole new dimension to the work. Her Labyrinth Project is a databases narratives and a collaboration of traditional artist with new technologies. The work is used to educate the users on the historical moments through storytelling. Even though it is a tedious step to include artists with non-digital making background, I felt like the works have a good balance of traditional art medium and narrative being backed up by a new digital mode of expression. 

One of the works that strikes me the most is the “Bleeding Through: Layers of Los Angeles, 1920 – 1986” by Marsha Kinder and Norman Klein is a databased detective story. The project’s setting is in downtown Los Angeles, an ethnically complex location, and is documented through archival stills and films. Moreover, these works are interactive by allowing viewers to write a fictional story together with Molly’s (a fictional character) dead husband and view back stories of real life people, which are parts of preserved history and allows them to reflect on the cultural implications within LA’s urban dream factory. Viewers get to compare between old and new images of Los Angeles, taken from precisely the same angle, to view the contrast between the past and present is the most dramatic and uncanny way. 


I find this way of exposing the audience to historical knowledge based on their own choices and at their own pace very effective. The movement between fiction and history, prompts users to tap into their own databased memories, be it first hand, from documentaries, etc. I feel like the juxtaposition of a fictional storyline with the serious histories stories is an amazing step because it does its job of passing historical knowledge and also provide a fun game-like experience for the audience. Although a database narrative may have no clear-cut beginning or ending, no three act classical structure or even a coherent chain of causality, it spikes users’ curiosity and desire to spin their own tale. The idea of transferring the decision power to the viewers is a transfer of responsibility and can be quite disquieting.

In conclusion, Marsha Kinder’s Labyrinth Project has allowed us to taste the art of databased narratives. The effects of databased narrative spikes inquisitiveness of users as it is a fresh idea in the market. Moreover, I believe that this technique of merging database and narrative can be used in schools and for other educational purposes as I believe it might be a lot more effective as compared to the current educational system. The Labyrinth Project is like no other at that time, now that technologies enables instead of retains, I am very excited to see what this new era of advanced technologies can bring to the table.

Reading Assignment Reflection

Bibliography: Dixon, Steve. Digital Performance: A History of New Media in Theater, Dance, Performance Art and Installation. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2007.

I find this article very intriguing as the authors talked about how the vast exploration with digital technology within performing arts has been crucial for the past few years. As we ourselves can witness around us, performance artists have been constantly instigating digital new media into their pieces, and new forms of interactive media have been heavily incorporated into the world of art. The impacts of the new media technologies diversifies the types of performing arts and providing the traditional live performance art a new taste.

These types of performance are usually  unscripted, random, spontaneous or otherwise carefully planned with or without audience participation. It felt like the artists were engaging with the audiences’ own curiosity and interpretation to be part of their works so that work is an artwork that communicates both ways.

The introduction to the usage of computers have become popular and an essential part of new performance pieces during the process and the main production of the performance. The writers’ overarching knowledge of the digital technology used was concluded by analyzing the history of art movements and event, and technical innovations which contribute to the interactive digital components which were used to engage with the audience and to stand out, introducing a new artist to the work. The book talks about topics related to digital performance practice, specifically performance themes, movements and events that concern the body, space and time. I feel like the new era’s artists who digitally represent their performance are introducing a new artistic genre that is both contemporary, experimental and avant-garde. To me, it is obvious that the link between interactive designs and performance art is a mutually beneficial and so much more to explore, I am glad the industry is constantly pushing boundaries and merging both worlds together.

Mirco Project 2: Crowd Sourced Time Based Art

We made a fake Grinder profile as a 15 years old boy.

Motive: With no restriction, we went on to chat with all the boys (>18 years old), prompting them with some sexual “rewards”. We wanted to see if they will go after a underage boy for their lust and temporary pleasure. We also want to see if staying anonymous is important to them on this site, especially when they do not know if the profile we made is real or not.

Platform: Grinder

Prediction: Some says yes, most says no, since everyone n the site has to be 18 and above.

The profile created:

We provide the crowd with full freedom, with no restriction on what kind of reaction or information they wish to provide about themselves.

From the start, we would tell them that this boy is 15 years old. To our surprise, a lot of them did not care and either start off the conversation with a picture of them or after we ask for a picture.  When we prompt for some inappropriate pictures, some gave it to us and there was barely any hesitation. 

Some of them tried to deny the request after finding out that the boy was 15 years old, however, it does not take a lot of convincing to change their mind.

However, there are some hope for humanity and a few of them said no. Honestly, I did not expect most of them to be so desperate and complete disrespect the the law. The sexual reward is so huge, but also an instant pleasure, that most of them push aside their morals and values.

However, this project is also questioning our integrity in terms of catfishing these people.

In-Class Exercise: Sound-Walking

In this activity, Rayven and I took a stroll around ADM.

For the first clip, when the coin enters the machine, the sound get softer and  the pitch of the changes from the crisp sound of the coins to the loud thud.

For the second, third and fifth clips, I was playing with rhythm. The rustling of the plastic bag, knocking of the rocks together and crunching of almonds changes, from soft to loud.

At the background of the third clip, there is clashing sound of water, which created layers of sound, creating depth.

For the fourth clip, I wanted to show a little contrast in sound. The short but loud metal clanking sound versus the soft sound of the spray. The clanking really marks the start of the sounds.

Project Two: The Subverted Object

So, my subverted object is a watermelon.






I wanted to capture the nature of the watermelon, like the wrapping/ packaging, which shows value of it. Hence, I decided to shoot the watermelons in the red plastic bags the grocery store. In addition, I decided to play with the colors in which I covered the greens of the watermelons with the reds of the plastic bags, which is reversed from the green skins  covering the red fleshes.


I wanted to capture the texture of the watermelon. I want to show the glistening of the flesh and the shadows of the seed pockets.


I find the top of the watermelon rarely being photographed. This photo is to capture the stalk of the watermelon in a way which the tip of the stalk leads the viewer’s eyes to base of it. The way the base of the stalk spreads the dark strips out onto the watermelon is also a very interesting sight to capture.




I wanted to play the scale and turn the watermelon into a large luxury tub.

I was inspired by Tatsuya Tanaka’s works. Hence, I decided to show the size of the tub by placing a man relaxing in it.

This was inspired when I was eating half of the watermelon and there were a lot of liquid left at the bottom, looking like a pond.

Inspired by Tatsuya Tanaka.


I wanted to critique the value of the watermelon.

I was loosely inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s artwork called “Fountain” which stirred up a lot of debate if it was really art.

I draw similarities to the current world where designers make simple works but place a luxury brand to it to increase the prices. As watermelons are cheap, I want to make it expensive. Hence, I went ahead to carve out the watermelon and create Virgil Abloh’s Off-White Binder Clip Sling Bags, which is insanely expensive for it’s design.

Inspired by Marcel Duchamp and Virgil Abloh:


I wanted to change the function of the watermelon.

Usually, the watermelon is eaten by placing it into our mouths. Hence, I subverted the watermelon’s “purpose” by turning the watermelon into a helmet and place it onto my head.



I really want to keep my message to be short and straight forward.

Apparently, arginine is essential in our bodies and helps with blood circulation in the scalp. Watermelon naturally contains a lot of citrulline that increases the level of arginine and is therefore good for promoting hair growth.

This really inspired me to relate the protecting purpose of the helmet to the protection for hair. In addition, the helmet does look like a short hair wig, so it suggests the message of: watermelon being able to protect hair

I put the relay lines the same color as the watermelon. I also added the phrase “citrulline loaded” on the watermelon to add on to the anchorage and additional support for the relay.

I wanted to make the photo more editorial and a little glamorous but also informative.



Project One: Picture Story – Curating Self

I used to be very timid and lack self confidence and self love. I was bullied at a very young age due to the way I looked. I was fat, obviously not attractive and definitely not the smartest. Due to that, it really affected me , causing me to shun myself away even more from people. I would not talk to anyone because I was afraid to be judged, hence I kept a lot of things to myself. It took me a really really long time to finally gain a certain level of confidence, and finally feel good about myself.

My series of work shows the different degree of confidence, and my journey to achieve this ideal, powerful and confident figure at the end.


Component 3: my room (stage 1: mild confidence)

My room.

It is the most comfortable spot but also when I am the most vulnerable. It is like a place I keep crawling back to when I feel sad and unsafe, and it is also the place where I reflect on myself to understand my thinking better.

This shot is a sight from bed where I would be just looking up the ceiling. The fan blades are visible as I used to count the number of rounds the fan blades rotate to calm me down, like a visual meditation. The lighting of the picture comes from the top and my hand reaching up to it.  It shows desire for something as if reaching out to the light area, finding enlightenment. The desire here would be to be confident.

Inspired by Yasumasa Morimura who toys with appearance, identity and the women we all know and desire.

This shot shows myself posing in my closet, trying to emit a sense of confidence. The way my body is posed is that my legs are firm, taking huge steps and my hand having a firm grip on the pole but actually my head is hiding behind my shoulder, covering and receding into the shadows, it is almost like I have conflicting emotions on confidence and how much I want to let you see. The idea behind the closet is that it is an enclosed space and someone needs to put in effort to open the doors in order to find me, it is almost like to like how enclosed I was and afraid to interact or present myself and for a very long time I always wait for someone to open the doors so that I would open up. The photo is also cropped close to the subject matter to create this confinement and restriction.

Inspired by Cindy Sherman for the dramatic and theatrical effect.

This shot is myself in my room, at a corner on my bed, watching videos or reading books on inspiring women. The glow around the laptop, highlighting my face, suggest finding an answer to my problems as if I have gain enlightenment. I create this shot to show both a comfortable but a mysterious atmosphere, like what is happening behind that screen and in my head, what am I thinking and what am I plotting. I played with the rules of one third.


Component 2: a bra (stage 2: process of gaining confidence)

I always feel like bras are like cages, almost as if a cage created by the society for women to make us feel uncomfortable. To me, bras felt useless and just to cover the female nipples, a body part that society just simply cannot accept. The day when I firmly decided “no more bras”, was really life changing because I really start embracing my body for what it is, instead of worrying if my bra size is right, or is my breast looks better in this push ups, or if my nipples are just covered… basically if I am within the society’s standard in general. It was a big step for me to self-love.

Me trying to struggle out of a bra. There is redness around the strap area, which suggest me wanting to take the bra off but at the same time too afraid to do so because of what people will think of me. Playing with the lights to create this triangle effect to build this tension when the dark fold get closer to the peek, and also to guide the viewers to the subject matter and give the image a dramatic effect.

The image of me hanging myself with the bra to indicate how uncomfortable and suffocating the bra has made me feel. But also at the same time, I myself am the one holding the bra which suggest it is my own fault that I am causing this restriction and  discomfort for myself. Cropped the picture tightly, like around my neck area, which is a weird cropping to evoke a sense of discomfort, uneasiness for the viewers.

A picture of my back where my muscles are tense after removing the bra. The feeling of liberation and feeling a new. Bra might be absent but marks of the bra still suggest the presence of it. Playing with negative space.


Component 1: myself (stage 3: confident)

The final series is to show the final stage confidence. I am someone very into fashion and make up because I believe that what you wear and what make up you put on really tells a story itself.

Inspired by Rina Dweck’s “Project Face”.

The picture of my in bold red eye shadows and lips to symbolize edginess and power. My hair is big, and flows, almost like a lion’s mane. Lions are like the king of the jungle which inspired me a lot because I desire such confident. I am leaning on this bottle of whiskey, something powerful individuals in the movies drinks as whiskey visually communicates a level of dominance and affluence. Close up and an intimidating gaze directly into the camera, as if like taunting.

Just a shot of some fashion items I feel are essentials to a girl, like a nice bag, amazing perfume and a good lipstick color. The studs on Valentino, and jagged edges of the Yves’s glass bottle, feels piercing and sharp against the soft leather. The whole picture is like pink, which often symbolizes being girly and weak. Playing with contextual contrast and textural contrast of the items in the shot (leather and glass).


Inspired by Cindy Sherman’s low vintage point shots to make one look taller and more powerful than usual.

This shot of myself standing tall and mighty, showing a power. Played with angles and decided on a bottom up angle to create a sense of dominance in the subject matter. The gaze is once again looking down, daunting the viewers, evoking a sense of power and confidence.  


These composition then concludes my journey to achieve the confidence I desired ever since I was that small and timid girl to this confident and fearless lady.