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Final Brochure

I wanted my brochure to be vibrant, fun and interactive, while maintaining design coherence with my poster. I want to depict my scorpion dancing with a pop up mechanism and the background whirling to mimic ┬áthe colourful background in Ariana Grande’s “God is a Woman” music video (which was my initial inspiration).

Reference Folds and Mechanism

What caught my eye was definitely the (first row, second from the right) spinning butterfly as I feel like it can depict my scorpion spinning and “dancing”, hence I went forward to search more about this mechanism.

Card Fold Mechanism Guides

Brochure Concept #1

I tried to do something simple and not too complex so that I could focus on typography.

However, it looks quite boring.

Brochure Concept #2

I decided to make it smaller and add in some mechanisms like a spinning scorpion that is attached to a thin elastic band and a turning circular background.

However, after consultation, it was brought to my attention that there is lack resemblance to my poster especially in terms of typography. Furthermore, it looks a little plain and hard to understand.


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I decided to keep my design simple but also fun and vibrant at the same time. I decided to reduce the number of folds and keep the spinning scorpion (to depict it “dancing”) and turning background mechanism (to show that the background is swirling).

The turning turquoise background also acts as a hook to hold the brochure close.

Final Brochure Spread

Final Brochure with Grids

Brochure Construction Sample and Mechanism Testing

I did not have any thinner elastic band so I had no choice but to use a rubber band. I know my construction is a little wonky but the paper I printed on is a little thin to my liking.

Since this is just a sample construction, I just want to show how the brochure is being folded and how the mechanism should work.

Front view (folded)

Front view (unfolded)

Inside view (unfolded)

Back view (unfolded)

Mechanism testing