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final project – Limbo (Dark Object)



About my project:

This project is to comment on the cancer patients and their battle to cure their sickness. We wanted to put the audience in the shoes of patient who had gone through chemotherapy and to constantly link it back to a clinical experience(as chemotherapy usually has multiple sessions.). Through this work we wish to evoke multiple emotions, like fear, annoyance, wariness, which are quite typical emotions these patients have experienced, an tie it back to the medical setting and procedures.. We start it off with a set of clinical procedure/ instruction that everyone has to follow,

  • pump 3 times to clean their hands
  • wear the clinical mask

and then only for the person interacting:

  • put on isolation gown
  • put on wig and check reflection
The isolation gown is to isolate the  participant and removing his/ her identity. The use of fragmented mirror is to ensure that the viewers can never get a fully see themselves, which being out the emotion on how the a lot patients felt during illness, curing and healing process. Cancer patients becoming delirious and hallucinate during final stages due to the high dosage of strong painkillers, which is why the fragmented mirror to show the illusion.

My observational documentation:

3 user tests

Tester A: He had some trouble putting on the isolation gown and when he picks up the wig the sound had already gone off. He left it on for quite some time and the quickly got the wig off after the flat line was heart for about 5 seconds. He felt annoyance and a bit of fear and felt like the volume of the sound is a little too loud. He feels that the mirror serves its purpose.

Tester B: She likes hat everyone has to go through the same procedure before entering the class. was shock when the sound came on before she put it on but she could relate to the interaction work as it really brings her back to back then when she had to go through surgery. She likes the mirror too. She was one of the quickest to remove the wig after she out it on as it had triggered memories.

Tester C: She was the calmest and said that she the fact that everyone if watching her and also wearing a mask, really set the environment and the tone of the interaction. She  also likes the mirror and even though the sound of the flat line was annoying, she left the wig on the longest as she was trying to fix it perfectly with the aid of the fragmented mirror.

Design Process documentation

Testing the code.

For more information on Project Developing

For more information on Body Storming

Pre-installation(fragmented mirror):

Materials Needed:
Vanity Mirrors
Photo Frame
Mounting Tape
Glue Gun

1. We went to buy these items from IKEA.

2. To create a 3D effect on the mirror, we bought 4 mirrors and put them together when cracking them by using hammer and hot glue.

3. We detach Photo frame backing and layer slowly the mirrors slowly. We use fabric to push the mirrors forward and act as a filler and support the mirrors.

4. We glue gun the back even more to ensure further support and then mount the back to the wall


Materials Needed:

  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Surgical Mask
  • Isolation Gown
  • Instructional Signs
  • Wig
  • Fragmented mirror
  • Stand
  • Trash bin

1. We bought medical supplies from a walk in medical supply store.

2. There are 2 tables being set up. One inside the class and outside.

3. Sanitize and mask is being placed outside the class with instructions.

4. Isolation gown and wig is being placed inside the class, followed by the wig on the stand and the fragmented mirror on the wall

5. The laptop and speaker is inside the trash bin


Coding in Arduino and Processing:

These are the coding.

The circuit setup