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Gaia’s Ikebana


Dominant: Cone

Sub-Dominant: Cylinder

Sub-Ordinate: Sphere




I wanted to create a more dependent composition, in which the long cylinder and sphere will topple over if it is not for the cone to balance the composition.

The small  sphere balances the composition to ensure that the cone does not make the product look heavy on the left.



Dominant: Sphere

Sub-Dominant: Cylinder

Sub-Ordinate: Cone




I wanted to show a zig-zag composition, coming from right-to-left from the cylinder and  left-to-right from the cone.

The D, SD and SO is very obvious here.

This model interest me as it looks stable and interesting at the same time.



Dominant: Cone

Sub-Dominant: Cylinder

Sub-Ordinate: Sphere




OTHER VIEW  The cone is precarious in relation to the base cone but is being propped up by the cylinder, hence the overall balance becomes a Dependent composition, in which the composition looks stable and sturdy.

The D and  SD switches also between the front view (D-cone, SD-cylinder) and side view(D-cylinder, SD-cone).

However I find this composition boring compared to the previous two.




I decided to settle with Model Two.

The brunch with the baby’s breath is to off set the balance of the composition, which was greatly inspired by asymmetrical Ikebana.

Reference: Right, middle, left

Material used:

Rice with matcha powder as sphere, fried tapioca dipped in metallic red as cone and fried potato slice at cylinder.


The idea behind this is actually inspired by this Disney princess called Elsa who turn everything she touch into ice. However, for mine, I wanted to switch it.

The pink cone is actually a girl. The pink trail from the plate to the top of the rice suggest her traveling up, leaving that pop of colour against the cold, plain white colour. The white plate is to suggest the previous season, which is winter, together with the white rice suggesting snow like appearance.

Her trail, her touch has turn the cold, dead winter into something more alive. A new season, spring. Which is the fresh start of growth from winter. To suggest the progress from winter to spring, I added the matcha and the baby’s breath. The pink trail is leads straight to the branch of baby’s breath, which really guides the viewer’s eyes in the transition from winter to spring (white plate to the bunch of baby’s breath).

The metallic dipped tapioca actually emphasizes that important touch of the SO in the whole composition.




  1. Jessical, only 1 view / Sketch Model? (at least another view to compare diameters of D, SD and SO ..) More importantly, when indicating dimensions please ensure they are measured off perpendicular to the principal axis of the curvilinear volume in question. The way you have done it here is incorrect. Look at Munch’s 2D Sketch Analysis for reference.
    Is there a typo in Model 3? I do not see anything that is “Precarious” about it. The balance displayed here is ‘Dependent’ and it’s ‘stable and sturdy’ as you have written. A Precarious composition means that something is tipping more than 45 degrees from the vertical which is perpendicular to the base. Which can been seen from your (D)cone but because it is being propped up by the (SD) cylinder, the overall balance becomes Dependent.

    Thanks for the clean and minimalist layout here.