in Mnemosyne

Mnemosyne Scent: A2 Art Card models and Plastic Bottle model

A2 Art Card models:




A2 Artboard Cut-out model:

Red: D void

Blue: SD void

Yellow: SO void

Plastic Bottle model:

The scent I was trying to show was the flow-y scent of cigar fumes.

Dominant – Red

Sub Dominate – Blue

Sub Ordinate – Yellow

The translucent Evian bottle really allowed some overlapped areas to have a darker colour, which was really interesting. I also sanded some parts of the bottle to make it foggy and more translucent.

  1. Would have preferred more 2D Sketch Analysis for your 3-strip Planar Models Jess, indicating the movement and direction of the the principal axis of the D, SD and SO planes and also comparing the voids they frame (which you have shown in your 2nd model). Great that the angles that you have photographed your planar models already allow you to compare proportions, just that one step more of indicating the principal axis and voids…