in Project Development Drawings

Project Development Drawing

For our object, it is a wig. The wig is placed on a head mannequin which will be infront of this full size mirror.

  • How does your audience experience your project?

What the audience have to do it to just pick up the wig and look at themselves in the mirror.

  • Is it for a single person to engage with your project or for multiple participants concurrently?

just one person.

  • What is the interaction or situation you are creating for your audience?

There will be photocell and a sound generator that will cause the wig to produce moans made by males during sex.

The viewer sound feel uncomfortable and if it is a guy, his masculinity should be questioned and if it is a girl, she is suppose to feel disconnected to her body.

  • What is the intention of this interaction?

This is to shine light onĀ gender dysphoria and the disconnections between the bodies and minds of the trans community.