Project 4 – Poetics of Time

For this project I want to do on measured time.

Medium used:

Poetry(a little) and film

What inspired me:

As I was doing this project, i initially already have another idea in mind. However, during the process of filming for the work, I got into some difficulties and I was real beaten down. This lead me to experiencing procrastination and truly feeling how oppressive time makes me feels.

Aim and project purpose:

To show that time manages us and that we are helpless against time. It is to show how no one can “fight” time.

The project:

Time is man made.
We give the passing a name. we made up the whole idea of time itself to make this complex, inevitable thing able to be “digest” by us, man.

Look at me,
Can you keep up?

Time has no value.
We kept saying this is time is “money”. We pay for time to expect “quality time”. But we can’t stop even if we want to, we owe it to time.

Look at me,
Can you keep up?

Time is our master.
Can someone really say “i have good time management”? Do u really think so? Did u really feel like u did the best for this project? Did you really felt u studied for art history? Or is time really the one that is managing you?

Look at me,
Are you a slave to time?
Are you a slave?

Because I am.

The explanation: 

To show the oppression, I show it through trying to cover my face with lipstick only in repeated circular clockwise motion (a hint of the ticking clock).

In my opinion, the clock is a messenger of time. the clock is superior and really exerts its superiority in the video as it doesn’t move. However, i’m moving, but I’m trapped and did not escape, I’m working to the clock.
The only way we can determine that time is passing is when its is in tally with our sensory, like hearing. The constant ticking of the clock, it doesn’t stop. Even if it does image wise, there is still sound. even without the sound. time is still flowing. THERE IS NO ESCAPE.

In the video, i’m not smiling, feel like i’m just following a rule, a system.

I want to show vulnerability (no make up and clothes) and helplessness.
I’m stuck in this loop and when I did try to rebel, by not following the rule, i goes back to the same spot after the 1 minute. How do i fight something that doesn’t exist tangibly?

In-Class Exercise: Sound-Walking

In this activity, Rayven and I took a stroll around ADM.

For the first clip, when the coin enters the machine, the sound get softer and  the pitch of the changes from the crisp sound of the coins to the loud thud.

For the second, third and fifth clips, I was playing with rhythm. The rustling of the plastic bag, knocking of the rocks together and crunching of almonds changes, from soft to loud.

At the background of the third clip, there is clashing sound of water, which created layers of sound, creating depth.

For the fourth clip, I wanted to show a little contrast in sound. The short but loud metal clanking sound versus the soft sound of the spray. The clanking really marks the start of the sounds.