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Zine: Locale Part 1 (Research)


Clarke Quay is a historical riverside quay in Singapore, located within the Singapore River Planning Area. At present, five blocks of restored warehouses house various restaurants and nightclubs. Usually on Wednesday(ladies’ night), Friday and Saturday, the clubs are flooded with people and youngsters. Clarke Quay is the most well known places for the nightlife and the club scene.


I then proceed on to do some secondary research by asking my friends and followers on Instagram to do this survey.

Survey link:

However, due to the popularity and the alcohol, there are a lot of crimes committed. The top few crimes are molestation, theft and violence. I decided to dig deeper on such crimes and assault.

After partying, there are a lot of places around Clarke Quay that are open for supper.

I then go down Clarke Quay and experience it myself and then interviewed the people who goes and work there. I then compile it into a short video.