Accent of Aesthetics

For this slow cooker, I would say that it leans more towards the emotion part, since to me the design looked more retro and would seem to evoke more sentiments for buyers to be interested in purchasing the product. In terms of function and human factors, I do not think it was really lacking in it as it would definitely function nicely as a slow cooker with the design to adjust different pressures and the design caters nicely to human usage as well with the handles for ease of handling.

For the kettle, I felt that it caters more towards the function . The design allowed for a large water capacity and also the sleek design allows for a maximisation of space. While it serves its function, I felt that it was lacking in the human factors and emotion sector as it felt very rigid design wise. I also felt that more details could be in the design in order to score for the human factors, for example the spout could have a lid to prevent dust from entering.

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