Ego In Different Settings (Research)

For this project, I had to look into colour psychology especially since I planned to use monochromes harmony for my composition. I also went to search for some artist references that I could adopt for my works.

For colour psychology, I mainly focused on the colours red, yellow, blue and purple as these were the colours I wanted to use for each of the rows. I wanted the four rows to follow the colours from red to purple, bringing out a narrative while showing relevance to each of the rows. I researched on both the positive and negative emotions of each colour and focused on one of the attributes that I wanted to portray in my row.


Firstly for red, the positive and negative emotions are as follows.
Positive: Courage, Warmth, Excitement
Negative: Aggression, Strain
For my first row, I wanted to focus on the NEGATIVE emotion of strain, of the intensity that the colour brings out. I wanted the colour to express the feeling of being tensed up and stressful, like how I felt when I was working. I wanted it to evoke a feeling of discomfort and worry to bring out the narrative behind the first row.


Next for the colour yellow, the positive and negative emotions are as follows.
Positive: High energy, Emotional Strength, Confidence, Hope, Fun
Negative: Depression, Anxiety, Fear
For the second row, I focused on the POSITIVE emotion of fun, to bring out the excitement I feel when I am with my friends. I also made use of the attribute of emotional strength to bring forth the fear I had to overcome to be independent in my teenage years.


For blue, the positive and negative emotions are as follows:
Positive: Trust, Serenity, Calm
Negative: Coldness, Lack of emotion
Nothings beats the feeling of being with your family, so I wanted to portray the POSITIVE emotion of trust, to express how safe and secure I feel when I am with my family. It also brings out a feeling of calmness so when others look at my work, they understand the relaxed state I am trying to bring across.


Lastly, the positive and negative emotions for purple are as follows:
Positive: Spiritual awareness, Truth, Consciousness
Negative: Suppression, Inferiority
The colour promotes harmony of the mind and emotions, contributing to mental balance and stability. It is known that purple has a relation with spiritual awareness and I wanted to build on this attribute to bring out the concept of self discovery for my last row. This last row involves a lot of soul-searching components which can be greatly emphasized using the colour purple.

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uses one hue (monochromes harmony) for some of her works, using contrast to create an artwork with depth. tried to adopt her method of watercolouring to create value based works.

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adopted the method of layering on the watercolours to show greater contrast within the works itself



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