Forrest Gump (Research)

I did some research prior to this project. I did research on three main categories: surrealism, dadaism and russian constuctivism.

Firstly for surrealism:

-it is an artistic and cultural movement that began in early 1920s

-best known for visual artworks and writings

-outlandish, perplexing and uncanny

-meant to jolt viewer out of their comforting assumptions, different from what we are used to

Next for dadaism:

-it is an art movement of european avant-garde in early 20th century

-nonsensical in nature

-first conceptual art movement where focus was on making works that generated difficult questions about society

-question role of artist and purpose of art

-“Dada is anti-dada”

Artist example include Hannah Hoch:

-a german artist

-best known for her work of Weimar period

-collaging diverse photographic elements to make art

Lastly for russian constructivism:

-it is an artistic movement

-artistic and architectural philosophy that originated in Russia

-rejection of idea of autonomous art

-objects created to carry out a fundamental analysis of materials and forms of art


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