Hello World!

A photo of the installation piece
Source: http://christopherbaker.net/projects/helloworld/

Hello World! is a work by artist Christopher Baker where he compiles over 5000 videos of different individuals speaking to an imagined audience from their private spaces onto a single screen as an installation to talk about participative media and the human desire to be heard. He is inspired by the interconnectivity present in our world today, where we might be alone in our own spaces but yet we can be together on this online platform. The viewers can either listen in to each speaker or just be immersed in the cacophony.

The artist wants to discuss about how technology created the existence of social media platforms which functions as a medium for people to share their views with the world, while expressing concerns as to if this ‘third space’ is really providing a suitable platform for them to actually be heard. He wants to focus on the concept of a third space and how it gives people the idea of their presence being noticed. The individuals in the videos continue sharing their opinions with the idea that there are people paying attention to them. However, this makes the third space of the social networking platform seem very one-sided in a sense that although individuals are given the opportunity to share their opinions, their opinions are not essentially heard by everyone else. This brings to a discussion as to if these platforms are social if they do not effectively provide a response to all the opinions voiced out.

Installation in the gallery
Source: http://christopherbaker.net/projects/helloworld/
The entire work in the gallery, one can imagine how chaotic it must be to hear each individual with their own opinions
Source: http://www.strozzina.org/identitavirtuali/e_baker.php

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  1. Very good point about whether or not Hello World constitutes the third space. When people are unable to communication with one another, and furthermore, when they are speaking asychronously, that is, not at the same time, is this the third space? We should discuss this class. However, the focus of this particular research critique was on the “collective artwork,” so that is where you want to direct your assessment. Also, be sure and incorporate some aspect of the reading in your research critique, which was to re-read the section on the Collective Artwork from my Open Source Studio essay.

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