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The concept of open source is a relatively new concept which was a remarkable change away from the traditional methods of creative world production. The introduction of open source gave way to much more brand new possibilities that were not explored given the traditional medium and way of sharing. Open source allows and promotes the interaction from people all around the world to alter or to make up a piece of artwork to give the work another level of depth and creativity. From the IEEE POTENTIALS’s article by Randall Packer, he mentioned that due to the introduction of open source, artists are also able to better themselves and their works through a more elaborate research in collaboration with other artists. In relation to production, works are not necessary about making money through it but more of a social process to actually encourage social interaction with others to view and evaluate to improve the work. It becomes like a platform which appears to be a blank canvas and everyone will be able to work on it collectively, producing something so unique like a shared masterpiece.

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However, from the essay on Open Source as Culture/Culture as Open Source by Siva Vaidhyanathan, he mentioned about some issues caused by the concept of open source, one of them being the copyright issue. Copyright was meant to help to stimulate creativity by limiting the rights but now with the rise of open source, it seems like it would be harder to enforce copyrights for just a single individual for a piece of work.

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  1. Jasmine, you bring up some important concepts about open source. Be sure and note from the Open Source/Open Culture essay, that in fact technology was originally open source and that the proprietary methods came later, particularly in the 1970s when Microsoft and Apple were born, and started making money off of software and computers. You captured the creative potential of open source from my essay, though it would help strengthen your essay to cite specific examples, such as the works of art I mentioned. Very clever graphics!

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