2D Project 2: Cracking Up

I seem to be stuck in a rut. All I’m doing is jamming elements together, not really melding them. I’m having trouble picturing things moving around and with one another. So I’ve been looking for more artists to emulate.

1st Artist Reference

Mixed media artist Travis Bedel AKA Bedelgeuse does some stunning art in a style he calls ‘anatomical collage’, which merge anatomical imagery with vintage illustrations from science guides and textbooks.



tumblr_myigu9fof21rfm6vfo1_1280 ab13f23dde837716698330f6d0f7e453

Very unique compositions. I want to achieve a similar kind of harmony.

More designs

I’ve been trying to use negative space more.


Seeing as katanas featured heavily in Kill Bill, I figured more weapons would help portray viciousness and ruthlessness.

I also examined Memento posters and screenshots for ideas.




Leonard wrote a lot of notes to himself, even going so far as to tattoo his body. I should put writing implements in the design. I also need a better way to convey a mirror without it being mistaken for just a frame.


I’m thinking this will be my final:


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