Experimental Interaction Project 3 // The Social Stage: 143

The Social Stage (“143”)  

by Jonathan Goh, Tiffany Ng, Loke Mun Mun, Zafirah 

For this assignment, we were tasked to create and tell a narrative story through social media platforms and we decided to use Instagram as our chosen platform.

We wanted to focus on the idea that social media are actually platforms where we share bits of information of ourselves, but never the full story. We show but never tell and we keep things cryptic and abstract, as though we are hiding a secret life. It is often the push and pull between what we want others to find out while hiding what we don’t want them to know.

Audience (friends/peers) are then tasked with piecing these information together and drawing their own conclusions of the “story” or “gossip” whichever they determine it to be.

With our narrative, we have attempted to play on these elements to allow audiences to experience the journey of connecting the dots through such cryptic posts by playing a character in the story. This provides audience a window into the world in which the narrative take place and piece the story from a different perspective.

We decided to host our story instagram due to its features that allows us to show:

  • Immediate events (through instagram story)
  • Cryptic, abstract statements by characters (through instagram posts)
  • Engagement between characters (through instagram comments and likes)
  • A double-life (through the creation of private accounts)


As you go through the following slides, take some time to read through the characters’ instagram accounts and posts. Read their caption, or even search them on instagram to find more details about them.

Try piecing together a story of what you think happened.

Before reading the reveal to find out the truth and intention behind every posts. Enjoy!


The Journey.

Journal Entry #1

Location: Aboard The Orion Express

“We are about to embark on a journey, that will take us from the infinitesimal to the infinite, from the beginning of time to the distant future. This exploration will not be one for the faint-hearted but for the strong souls that desire to answer the call of adventure”.

I recall the very words spoken by the Captain of The Orion Express, a revolutionary space transport vessel that allows its passengers to travel across planets and galaxies, opening up a world of possibilities for the human race.

For years, this vessel has been used for commercial space travel, a luxury only enjoyed by the wealthy. But today, its purpose has been renewed. I, along with 55 other individuals have been selected to be part of an exploration team to seek out new worlds and systems, in hopes of furthering our understanding of the cosmos.

I accepted the invitation with little haste, having grown weary of life on Earth, the pollution and ever-erratic fluctuating temperatures have resulted in great anomalies. We no longer experience 4 seasons, the gravitational pull on the planet has weakened and our resources are dwindling.

Due to the limited space aboard, we are each given only an identical duffel bag to fit our valuables and personal items for the journey ahead. Taking one more look at my ticket, I stow it away in my duffel as the Captain makes an announcement.

“All crew to your position, we are approaching a new planet and will make arrangements for landing shortly.”

As we suited up and began prep for landing, I took a gander out the window and stared in disbelief as I  behold the wonder and beauty of the cosmos in all of its glory. This is it, my journey begins.