The Message – Designed for Control and Convenience.

This equates to customisable and convenient.

Ultimately the idea to create a modular bag pack got canned due to the fact that it was gonna be a very complicated construction process and given the limited time-line, it was gonna be very difficult to execute the idea.

Nonetheless, the idea was to merge the core essential idea into a messenger bag by trying to balance space and compartmentalisation.

Some lessons from the first and second mock up includes Planning Ahead. Due to the use of paper materials, this meant that there would be certain limitations and problems. The use of certain folds on Mock-Up 2 made the entire bag look like a Document Folder which was not the intended result.

I ultimately went back to the form and shape of Mock-up 1, but used different materials to give the bag more shape and form. The use of Cardboard also gave the base and back of the bag more padding since it was suppose to hold a laptop.

Throughout the entire process, I kept referring back to my references and my sketches, trying to mimic the folds and compartment types used and also trying to keep to my original design. In the end, the product design changed due to use of thicker materials and the need to include other considerations such as how to “close” the bag.

The main form of adhesive used for the construction of the bag was double sided tape. Masking tape was used at times and scotch tape on other occasions. UHU glue proved to be useless and did not provide a strong adhesive between surfaces hence was abandoned.

Once the shape of the bag is out, the next step is to include accessories to its interior. The selected accessories to go for are the Laptop Sleeve, a Beverage holder sleeve and a sleeve pouch. The accessories are all fitted with velcro so that they would be easily customisable to the side velcro lining. The addition of one front pockets as well as two side pockets allow space for small personal items as well.

The final touch-up was to add rims to the opening of the bags as they were ugly and quite unsightly. The use of rims also helped reinforced and strengthen the weaker areas (especially the front of the bag).

The final outcome of the bag is meant to demonstrate the functionality and use of the Bag itself. Hence I did not create a strap to go along with it. The strap used with this prototype was taken from another bag that I own.The aesthetic of the bag is not yet finalised as the front flap still remains bare.

With that, I present to you…