Interdisciplinary Seminar: Creative Industry Report

An award-winning director, designer, strategist and educator, Chris Do wears many hats (both literally and figuratively). As the Co-founder and Chief Strategist at his own design consultancy Blind, he develops effective strategies and powerful identities to help brands connect with their audience. On the other hand, he is also CEO of theFutur an online education platform that aims to disrupt the private design education industry by leveraging on media platforms, social networks and capitalising distance-based learning tools.

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This is especially timely in this time and age where content is king and we are bombarded by myriads of digital content on a daily basis, yet in this sea of information, Chris Do is able to identify existing gaps and carve out a niche market for himself within TheFutur. He establishes his credibility based on the work he has done, and as a disruptive thinker that reshapes the creative industry (such as his value-based pricing model for creatives). He is also able to further scale his platform by spinning off to alternate channels such as TheFutur academy with a focus on design technical skills.

What I admire about Chris is his ability to reinvent himself as a creative by leveraging his position as a designer and educator in the industry. And he does so by effectively combining his passion for teaching and love of his craft to create new platforms that help him to further cement his position as a thought leader and allows him to build his audience. Effective personal branding in a nutshell.

As I prepare to graduate and enter the working world, the videos and content produced have been deeply insightful in nudging me to think further and beyond the field of design but to also consider the business of the industry and my own personal branding.