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I like to eat... a lot.

(TYPO1) Assignment 2B: Organic Type (Process & Final)

– Organic FINAL – 18 x 18cm Letterhead (below) Why? How? So for this assignment, I wanted something that would give my letterheads texture. So I kept thinking of materials that people hadn’t used before in their assignment. At first I was thinking of using Coffee beans to create my type, but at the same time, that was quite a… Read more →

Week 4: Research & Moodboard – In the Beginning

MoodBoard Based on the book title: “The Classic of Mountains and Seas”, I immediately thought of JiuZhaiGou (Jiuzhaigou National Park is a network of valleys in China’s Sichuan province). Based on the Japanese mythology on the creation of the Japanese islands. On how the Kami, or gods, started creating the land masses and the people. ( Short summary of the myth: Izanagi… Read more →

4D Final Assignment (Virtual Installation)

Hey Xuan Ming, I still wasn’t able to access the dropbox folder due to insufficient storage space on my side, but I’ve emailed you the link of my video and my sketchup file. But just in case, below is my video of the walk through, thank you so much!! Link to original sketchup and video files:     Read more →


1) Zine – Inspiration So to start off, must thank da people who really helped advice and suggest on how to improve my zine. So thank you Charmaine, Christopher and Rannie for all your help!! heheh and THANK YOU TEACHER SHIRLEY FOR EVERYTHING 😀 hehehe!! Ya’ll the real inspiration. Very stressful, but very fun. hhahahaha So, Pinterest.. our best friend. So after doing… Read more →

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