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4D Assignment 2: Soundscape Research & Process

Process: The world I created¬†is one where people have supernatural abilities. However, they can only get their abilities when they do well academically. Hence, I decided to set my scene based on a library, because well, studies and academics, can’t go too far wrong with a library. Our ADM library below ūüėÄ Sound list of how I wanted to tell… Read more →

Meta Project: Fashion (wk3)

Meta Project: Fashion So the troublesome thing in around this time of the year is that people still celebrate halloween. They’ll dress up in odd clothes and masquerade around town wearing cloaks and all. It’s not as though our fashion has become any better over the centuries. These days, people just wear something that keep them warm. Global warming¬†has become… Read more →

Meta Project: Authority (wk2)

Meta Project: Authority One might wonder where the concept of power came from. Surely you’d have questioned by now, how did we derive to the concept of studying to get abilities. Surely since we were not born as such, our ancestors¬†could not have developed such concepts and powers without gaining any knowledge. The legend goes that when Adam ate of… Read more →

Meta Project: Home

Meta Project: Home Its the year 2017, we live in an age where knowledge is power, literally. I remember being young and powerless. Throughout Primary¬†School till Secondary School and through Poly, I was powerless. This was considered normal though. In the world we live in today, no one gets their powers till they enter University. And if they don’t go… Read more →

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