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In the Beginning

In the Beginning (2017) Time-lapse piece, 3840 x 480 LED Screen   Short Abstract: The creation of Japan is an old traditional legend narrated time and again. The gods Izanagi and Izanami created what is known today as the islands of the beautiful Japan. In the Beginning is a time-lapse piece that represents that emergence of a new land and… Read more →

(TYPO1) Assignment 2B: Organic Type (Process & Final)

– Organic FINAL – 18 x 18cm Letterhead (below) Why? How? So for this assignment, I wanted something that would give my letterheads texture. So I kept thinking of materials that people hadn’t used before in their assignment. At first I was thinking of using Coffee beans to create my type, but at the same time, that was quite a… Read more →

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