In the Beginning

In the Beginning (2017)
Time-lapse piece, 3840 x 480 LED Screen


Short Abstract:
The creation of Japan is an old traditional legend narrated time and again. The gods Izanagi and Izanami created what is known today as the islands of the beautiful Japan. In the Beginning is a time-lapse piece that represents that emergence of a new land and the beginning of creation.

Final Video:

Selected Stills:

At the North Spine Wall:

Photos credits: Solomon Quek Jia Liang.
15m by 2m (3840 x 480 px),  North Spine Plaza NTU Singapore 2017

Inspiration, Research & Process:

In this particular project, it started off with the idea of Japan and her beautiful cherry blossoms. That kickstarted my being interested in showing something out of this world, in terms of colour and angle. Through the use of time lapse, I have created many series of videos of salt crystals growing. A very interesting process to recreate something out of this world.
My method for this entire process required a long hours as it takes about an average of 12 hours for the crystals to grow. And that’s just for one set. It uses a bit of basic chemistry and science to grow the crystals with the main agent being a special detergent (Mrs Stewart’s Bluing). The salt crystals will grow in good conditions and with food colouring added, it gives it the magical and mystical feel of creation. With 2 cameras on standby (one borrowed from ADM), i took time-lapses upon time-lapses until i got sufficient footage for me to piece together.


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