Media Art Nexus: Process and Documentation #2

Continuation on filming & editing

Process video of how i took all my shots. Do have a look at how i did my timelapse, i filmed myself a little to document the entire process in hall.

I borrowed a camera from ADM as well, so that i’d have 2 cameras on standby, to speed up my entire process.
Also, to get the very small details of my salt crystals, i had to rent a macro-lens which was again quite an interesting experience playing around with it.

The above is another one i did. I have actually got a lot of other footage that unfortunate can’t be used. My settings on my camera were not set right. So that was quite a few hours wasted on filming. Nonetheless it was a learning opportunity.

So the main software i made use of was premier pro. Trying to piece it together to tell my story of growth and to showcase the asian mystical feel that i wanted.

My first few rounds of edits were a bit off. The above is one of the earlier cuts.
When tested at the north spine wall, under Ms Ina’s guidance, she recommended changing a few things.
1. Elongate the cuts rather than short ones. Mainly because its on such a big screen and its a screen that many people will walk fast and will only glance, so something that will catch attention and attract people rather than to have quick cuts. People can’t enjoy it as much
2. Take away the cuts with the blue background, wasn’t working.
3. Careful of the pixelation.

So above is when at the north spine media wall, i was trying to take some videos to see how it looks on the actual screen. Please don’t mind the audio, i was taking the video during my consult with Ms Ina. But its really more of a test to see it on the big screen.

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