(VC1) Assignment 2: Research & Development

1. Task 1B — Develop Slogan & Moodboard

Brainstorm Map!

It took me quite a while to gather my thoughts together. Any random thoughts I could think of, i jotted down.
And as can be seen in my map, I was trying very hard to come up with slogans that fitted the hospital and the art programme.

A few slogans I came up with:
1. Think out of the the bed!
2. Put your mess to the test!
3. Painting your way out.
4. Doing it anywhere!
5. What art can do!
6. Enter your world!
7. Playing it cool with art.
8. Go with the flow
9. Go where the art flows.
10. Come create with us!

My Moodboard:

Through my moodboard, i’m going for the more sketchy and doodly feel again. Similar to my assignment 1 with the logo. I thought i would continue with the similar style to have consistency and to keep the nature of the arts programme of the hospital.

Below are some images and posters that i thought i’d like to consider for my drafts below.


Sketches – Idea #1

This was the initial i had that got shot down (hahahaha) and for good reason as well. I wanted to go with the idea of “thinking out of the box”. Unfortunately the elements in my idea were not suitable at all! I wanted to have a multi-frame concept where it gets patients to see the different worlds with the help of art. But of course, this looks as though they are entering a dimension (into the light), in other words, going to heaven. Not a good idea. And the element of the bed is.. depressing. So SCRAP!!


Idea #2 (left) & #3 (right)

#2 (left) — I wanted to have the idea that involved the hospital building in the for of the word “Art”. A little bit like typography where i play with the elements of a theme park to link all the blocks together. This was again based on the slogan of “enter your world”, to show that through our art programme, one can have a lot of fun, making the hospital like a theme park. However this is a very cliche way of doing a poster.

#3 (right) — This was more of a peaceful and therapeutic concept where i thought to focus more on the music side rather than the art “paint” aspect. This was more of a peaceful side i thought i’d explore. But of course this idea got scrapped.


Idea #4 (left) & #5 (right)

#4 (left)I wanted to have a main character who carried an x-ray of his body that had a heart to show that his was a healthy body. And behind the x ray it would seem as though his body was made of stuff that the art programme has – paint brushes, guitar, etc. It is to show with the programme, you’ll definitely be able to get back to being as fit as a fiddle.

#5 (right) — This idea is a little more direct with the building of Ng Teng Fong Hospital coming out of the drawing on the paper. A very cliche way of doing things. Not much to explain here except that it, of course, was not considered at the end of the day.

Chosen idea #4

Chose to work on idea 4 because i thought it had a little bit of potential and that i could tell a little bit more about the programme through it.

Now on to digitising it!


2. Design Exploration

Character designs:

For digitising and further exploring the design, i started by doing up my main character.
Based on my initial sketch, i had thought to have 1 main character (the boy holding up the x ray), but after some feedback from the class and from Michael, it was a bit tooooo plain in the sense that viewers dont see the interaction between the boy and patients of the hospital.


So from there, i went on to design more characters to place with the boy. Again, i wasn’t so sure what to add on, so the normal characters — a nurse at the hospital, a volunteer for the programme. Then it hit me that patients could be included to show the effect of the programme, hence the old man.


Colour and layout:

After trying out the characters a bit, i was trying to figure out how to meld them altogether and what colour scheme i wanted. Below is one of my EARLIEST draft in terms of layout and colour. AND FONT! That was a bit of a headache.

Below is more of a rigid example of my experimentation. Scrapped this immediately.


So after stressing out a bit with the colour, i MIRACULOUSLY found the colour that fit everything: ORANGEE!!
This was when i got excited, but i still had no idea how to re arrange my characters and text.
So after countless tries and going for consultation with Michael, i was able to play around more with the layout.

ALSO, The wheelchair was a bit if-fy. Michael posed a possible question, like why would anyone want to be reminded of being handicapped. This i thought made a lot of sense, so i was a bout to do away with the wheelchair.

BUT after some thought, i realised my concept was actually very much based on the wheelchair and the old man. I wanted to show that due to the programme, the old man, though he might have some disability or has trouble walking, he is able to stand up and do a bit of a dance or jingle. The wheelchair is just a bit more of an amplification of that concept.



Again with layout, I wanted to try to utilise each and every character, so i did my best to use them all (especially since i put so much effort into the illustrations, it’d be such a waste).

But ultimately i realised there were too many characters, making the poster lose its focus.

(refer above) So initially the design on the left was what i was going for. But after consultation, Michael pointed out a few things:
1. There is no focal point to it, due to the words spreaded out so much.
2. Words draw attention away to the main focus.
3. May be too many characters spread out. Do i need the nurse?
4. Font too big?


So the final design is the one on the right. Whewwww, finally, it is donee.

Final poster image will be posted in the next post.

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