(VC1) Assignment 2: Task 1A Visual Research


What is the poster communicating?
The poster is for a Partying event where there will be live performances. It shows very clearly where and when and how to get the tickets.

What emotion does the design elicit?
The design has a very fun feel. A little bit of a hippie/hipster feel as well. Looking at the design also makes you very happy because of the colours used. One will think that going to the event would definitely be fun.

What makes the poster captivating?
The illustrations for the word “WAREHOUSE” is very eye catching. It is a literal illustration of the ware house with the different blocks. Colour wise, it immediately grabs your attention because of the bright pink and turquoise colours that are agains a dark blue background, immediately bringing your attention there. The main body text is also in white, so it stands out from the dark background.

How did the poster generate visual interest and facilitate readability/legibility?
The leading lines from the main visual, which is the warehouse illustration brings your eyes smoothly to the details below it. Readability is there as there is boldness for the text that is important. In other words, there is a visual hierarchy that guides your eyes to the more important details.

How do you feel about the approach and execution? 
I really like the approach it too with the colours. I also really like the details of the warehouse illustration, because once look and it sucks you in. Makes me want to go closer to see what other details there are in the illustration. It helps that the illustration also has shadows, adding to the 3D effect.

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