This market is located just beside my house! How convenient right! I stayed here since I was primary 1 and would frequent the the market with my grandmother on a regular basis. However, as I got older, I stopped going to the market with her due to my other commitments, or perhaps, that is simply a lame excuse for my laziness.

As, the market is located just beside my house, I would walk pass it everyday, but i have never once stepped inside for the past eleven years until one fine day when my grandma wanted to buy food for the reunion dinner that I decided to go back to the market.

What struck me when i stepped into the market was the sense of familiarity. Although I have not stepped in once in the past eleven years, nothing much changed. The stalls were still retained the way they were and the aunty and uncles whom in some way or another, watched me grow up were still there. It warmed my heart for they still remember me and many of them still remember me. However, a sense of guilt overwhelmed me as many of them throw me similar questions in the line of “Wow! You have sure grown a lot! Why did you stop going to the market with your grandma”. My grandma would reply with “My granddaughter is really busy.”, laughing it off. It made me realise how selfish I have been and how I have neglected my grandmother. Going back to this market has taught me to treasure things before me and it too evoke a sense of nostalgia and warmth.

When I went back again on Saturday to take photos, all the uncle and aunties were really welcoming and friendly. (BACK TO KAMPONG DAYS HAHAHA)

I adopted a warm coloured palette where the photos bear a reddish hue as I hope to convey the sense of warmth and nostalgia. Yet, at the same time, red does to create a sense of unease and discomfort for the viewers and this paired with the dark tones of the photos, I hope to convey the idea of guilt.

The “Fish Aunties” This is my favourite photo as I like how the white apron strewn across the air suggests a sense of motion amounts the still setting.




I love his curry paste!!
This photo is rather different from the frontal shots which I have presented. I really like the variety of colours and textures presented in this photos which heightens the visual excitement. Theere is also a contrast between the coldness of the ice and fish against the warmth hues and tones of the fishes.